Malpractice Confirmation Coverage

The GME Business Services Professional is able to verify dates of coverage and provide confirmation of medical malpractice coverage. Requests for malpractice coverage should be directed to Graduate Medical Education. Claims history requests should be directed to the office of Professional Risk Management. Professional Risk Management can be reached at 303-724-7475 or

Malpractice Confirmation for Rotations Outside of the Affiliated Institutions

Malpractice confirmation for rotations outside the affiliated institutions is done with a Program Letter of Agreement that must be completed by the Program Director.

Requests for Loan Deferment and/or Loan Forbearance
The GME Program Assistant can only certify the current academic year. Please include information on where the form needs to be sent upon completion.

Training Verification

The GME Program Assistant can verify only dates of residency and/or fellowship training. Training verification requests that require more than verification of dates must be sent to the appropriate Program Coordinator.

Please note that graduated resident training verification requests for any Family Medicine Residency program including UCH, Swedish, and Rose should be sent to