Current Studies

ACES (Antihypertensives Combined with Exercise for Seniors)

Purpose:To learn how different blood pressure medications, combined with exercise, impact functional status and cardiovascular risks in older adults.
Now recruiting:

Men and women, aged 60+, who do not exercise regularly

Investigator:Wendy Kohrt (PI) COMIRB #17-1758 and my phone number is 720 848 6419



Purpose:A 1-year research study looking at the metabolic adaptations to weight loss and predictors of weight loss maintenance
Now recruiting:

Weight stable 30-50 year old men and women with a BMI between 30-43.

Investigators:Dan Bessesen, MD and Corey Rynders, PhD, COMIRB# 18-0091
Contact:Sheila Steinke at


The BATE3 Study

Purpose:To learn more about how estrogen affects brown fat and resting metabolic rate
Now recruiting:Women, aged 18-80, premenopausal (not pregnant or using contraceptive) OR postmenopausal (no cycle within the last year)
Investigator:Melanson (PI), COMIRB# 16-1479
Contact:Tracy Swibas at or 720-848-6418 



Purpose:To learn how menopause changes weight gain and bone health
Now recruiting:Premenopausal women between the ages of 18-45, and postmenopausal women <6months and >7 years past their last menstrual cycle.
Investigator:Wendy Kohrt (PI) COMIRB # 18-2483
Contact:Dori Miller, 720-848-6399,


The BMT/CML Study

Purpose:To learn if some fat cells may come from cells in the bone marrow. Understanding the origin of fat cells is important because it may help to determine why fat that is stored in some places of your body is more "unhealthy" than other fat.
Now recruiting:People who either have had an allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (at least 6 months ago) OR have chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia 
Investigators:Klemm (PI), COMIRB# 13-0026
Contact:Kathleen Gavin at or 303-724-7472 


The CardioVOLT Study

Purpose:To study how the loss of testosterone affects the health of the heart and arteries in men
Now recruiting:Men 50-75 years old, in general good health. No history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  Non- smokers.  Cannot be taking testosterone replacement therapy.
Investigator:Kerrie Moreau (PI), COMIRB# 16-1162
Contact:Teresa Witten at or 303-724-2253


The DAMES Study 

Purpose:To learn more about how to improve bone health in postmenopausal women with low bone mass (osteopenia)
Now recruiting:Women, aged 60-85, postmenopausal (no cycle within the past 5 years) who do not exercise regularly
Investigator:Kathy Jankowski (PI), COMIRB# 16-2427
Contact:Nora Johnston


Diet and Sleep Study 

Purpose:This study looking for participants who are interested in learning more about how fats are used as fuel during sleep under different diet conditions.
Now recruiting:

Weight stable 30-50 year old men and women with a BMI between 30-43.

Investigators:Dan Bessesen, MD and Corey Rynders, PhD, COMIRB# 18-0091

Sheila Steinke at


The ExerciZzz Study

Purpose:To understand how the time of day you exercise impacts your sleep quality and nocturnal metabolism
Now recruiting:Overweight to obese individuals (19-45 years old) with Metabolic Syndrome
Investigator:Jen Blankenship, PhD COMIRB# 18-0369
Contact:Jen Blankenship at 720-848-6477,


MoTrPAC (Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity)


To understand how physical activity improves health and prevents disease

Now recruiting:

Men and women 18 years of age or older, with a BMI between 19-35, who are either sedentary or exercise regularly (cycling, weight lifting), who have no history of diabetes or heart disease. Please visit to learn more.

Investigator:Wendy Kohrt (PI), #18-0220
Contact:MoTrPAC@UCDENVER.EDU or call 720-848-6408


The MYTH Study

Purpose:To learn more about where the fat cells in your body come from
Now recruiting:Men who are 21-40 with a BMI of 22-35 kg/m2. Volunteers should be healthy, weight stable, non-active or moderately active, and not taking any hormonal therapy (e.g., testosterone).
Investigator:Kathleen Gavin (PI), COMIRB# 15-1779
Contact:Kathleen Gavin at or 303-724-7472 



Purpose:To learn more about how meal timing and extended fasting duration affect daily rhythms in energy metabolism
Now recruiting:

Generally healthy men and women, aged 21-45, with a BMI between 25-35, and a regular sleeping pattern of >7 hours to 9hrs of sleep/night

Investigator:Corey Rynders, PhD, COMIRB# 16-2754

Emilee Mickaliger at


SIIB: Sleep disruption Induced Impairments in Bone Formation


To understand how shortened sleep affects bone metabolism. 

  • Healthy men aged 20-65 years old
  • Habitually sleep 7-9 hours/night
  • Have not done shift work in the past year
  • Do not currently smoke
Investigators:Christine Swanson, MD, MCR, COMIRB # 18-0015


The STRATH Study

Purpose:To develop better equations to estimate calories burned from physical activity monitors among individuals with a wide variety of movement
Now recruiting:Individuals 18-100 years old with movement disorders, and can function majority of the day without assistive devices or wheelchair
Investigator:Edward Melanson, PhD (PI), COMIRB # 16-2706
Contact:Jen Blankenship at or 720-848-6477​



To learn more about how exercise and Type 2 Diabetes affect the heart, muscles, and blood vessels.
Now recruiting: 
  • Healthy men and women aged 30-55
  • Men and women with Type 2 Diabetes aged 30-55
  • Weight stable individuals with a BMI 25-40
  • Individuals who exercise less than 1 hour per week
Investigators: Jane Reusch, MD and Judy Regensteiner, PhD, COMIRB #17-0356
Contact:Deirdre Rafferty at or 720-848-6688