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The ACES Study

(Antihypertensives Combined with Exercise for Seniors)

Purpose: To learn how different blood pressure medications, combined with exercise, impact functional status and cardiovascular risks in older adults.
Now recruiting: Men and women, aged 60+, who do not exercise regularly
Investigator: Wendy Kohrt, Ph.D. COMIRB #17-1758
Contact: Gabriel Buxo at or 720-848-6419
The ARROW Study
(Adaptive Responses to Overfeeding and Weight Regain in Reduced Obese Individuals)
Purpose: A 1-year research study looking at the metabolic adaptations to weight loss and predictors of weight loss maintenance
Now recruiting: Weight stable 30-50 year old men and women with a BMI between 30-43
Investigators: Dan Bessesen, M.D. and Corey Rynders, Ph.D. COMIRB# 18-0091
Contact: Sheila Steinke at
The BATE3 Study 
(The Impact of Estrogen Status on the Biological Function of Brown Adipose Tissue in Women Measured using Quantitative PET/CT)
Purpose: To learn more about how estrogen affects brown fat and resting metabolic rate
Now recruiting: Women, aged 18-80, premenopausal (not pregnant or using contraceptive) OR postmenopausal (no cycle within the last year)
Investigator: Edward Melanson, Ph.D. COMIRB# 16-1479
Contact: Toria Crispin at or 720-316-5218
The BEAM Study 
(Bioenergetic Effects of Aging and Menopause)
Purpose: To learn how menopause changes weight gain and bone health
Now recruiting: Premenopausal women between the ages of 18-45, and postmenopausal women <6months and >7 years past their last menstrual cycle.
Investigator: Wendy Kohrt, Ph.D. COMIRB # 18-2483
Contact: Victoria Bland, Ph.D. at or 720-848-6399
The CardioVOLT Study 
(Cardiovascular Consequences of Hypogonadism in Men)
Purpose: To study how the loss of testosterone affects the health of the heart and arteries in men
Now recruiting: Men 50-75 years old, in general good health. No history of cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  Non- smokers.  Cannot be taking testosterone replacement therapy.
Investigator: Kerrie Moreau, Ph.D. COMIRB# 15-1162
Contact: Matt Babcock, Ph.D. at or 720-848-6470
The DAMES Study 
(DHEA Augmentation of Musculoskeletal Adaptation to Exercise in Older Women)
Purpose: To learn more about the effects of exercise and the adrenal hormone DHEA on bone density and strength in postmenopausal women with low bone mass (osteopenia) or moderate osteoporosis.
Now recruiting: Women, aged 55-85, who are postmenopausal and do weight-bearing exercise less than twice a week.
Investigator: Catherine Jankowski, Ph.D. COMIRB# 16-2427
Contact: Jillian Schuberth at 

The HEALTH Study 
(High-Intensity Exercise to Attenuate Limitations and Train Habits in Older Adults with HIV)
Purpose: To learn more what types of exercise improve muscle function and decrease fatigue, and what helps people aging with HIV continue to exercise on their own.
Now recruiting: Men and women, aged 50+, who are HIV-positive and sedentary. 
Investigator: Christine Erlandson, M.D., M.S.  COMIRB# 19-1985
Contact: Vincent Khuu at or 720-848-7561
The HEART-IVF Study 
(Vascular Health After In Vitro Fertilization)
Purpose: To study vascular function and blood pressure in women following pregnancy
Now recruiting: Non-smoking women aged 18-45 years old, in general good health, with a prior pregnancy conceived through either in vitro fertilization (IVF) or unassisted (natural) reproduction. No history of heart disease or stroke.  Cannot be taking hormone therapy or blood pressure medication.
Investigator: Lyndsey DuBose, Ph.D. COMIRB# 21-2903
Contact: Lyndsey DuBose, Ph.D. at or 720-848-5596
The MoTrPAC Study
(Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity)
Purpose: To understand how physical activity improves health and prevents disease
Now recruiting: Men and women 18 years of age or older, with a BMI between 19-35, who are either sedentary or exercise regularly (cycling, weight lifting), who have no history of diabetes or heart disease. Please visit to learn more.
Investigator: Wendy Kohrt, Ph.D. COMIRB  #18-0220
Contact: MoTrPAC@UCDENVER.EDU or call 720-848-6408
The NoMEN Study 
(Ovarian Hormone Regulation of Central and Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics)
Purpose: To study the role of ovarian hormones (e.g., estrogen) on brain blood vessel function
Now recruiting: Non-smoking women aged 45-55 years old, in general good health. No history of heart disease or stroke. Cannot be taking hormone therapy or blood pressure medication..
Investigator: Lyndsey DuBose, Ph.D. COMIRB# 21-3590
Contact: Lyndsey DuBose, Ph.D. at or 720-848-5596
The SHAPE-PIH Study 
(Risk of Long-Term Vascular Dysfunction in Women with a History of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension)
Purpose: To study vascular function in women with a history of pregnancy-induced hypertension 
Now recruiting: Non-smoking women aged 18-70 years old with a prior pregnancy complicated by gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, eclampsia or toxemia. No history of heart disease. Non-smokers. Cannot be taking hormone therapy or blood pressure medication.
Investigator: Kerrie Moreau, Ph.D. COMIRB# 16-2581
Contact: Lyndsey DuBose, Ph.D., at or 720-848-5596
(Skeletal Response to Simulated Night Shift)
Purpose: To determine how simulated night-shift work affects bone metabolism

Now recruiting:

  • Healthy men and (non-pregnant) women, 20-40 years old
  • Premenopausal women must be on continuous oral contraception pills
  • Habitually sleep 7-9 hours per night
  • No night-shift work in the past year
  • Non-smoker
Investigator: Christine Swanson, M.D, MCR. COMIRB # 20-3013
The STRATH Study 
(Calibrating free-living physical activity characteristics across functionally limited populations using machine-learned accelerometer approaches)
Purpose: To develop better equations to estimate calories burned from physical activity monitors among individuals with a wide variety of movement
Now recruiting: Individuals 18-100 years old with movement disorders, and can function majority of the day without assistive devices or wheelchair
Investigator: Edward Melanson, Ph.D., COMIRB # 16-2706

The VA MIXED Study

Purpose: To learn more about how exercise and Type 2 Diabetes affect the heart, muscles, and blood vessels.

Now recruiting: 

  • Healthy men and women aged 30-55
  • Men and women with Type 2 Diabetes aged 30-55
  • Weight stable individuals with a BMI 25-40
  • Individuals who exercise less than 1 hour per week
Investigators: Jane Reusch, M.D. and Judy Regensteiner, Ph.D. COMIRB #17-0356
Contact: Deirdre Rafferty at or 720-848-6688

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