UCHealth Advanced Lipid Disorders Clinic


Lipoprotein Apheresis Program


To provide extraordinary care for individuals with lipid disorders and for those who are at high risk for cardiovascular disease



Clinical Care Highlights 

  • Multidisciplinary team including endocrinologists, cardiologists, registered dieticians and nurses 
  • Patients can see multiple providers on the same day 
  • Offer state-of-the-art lifestyle and medical therapy for the treatment of lipid disorders and the prevention of cardiovascular disease 
  • Monthly meetings to discuss complex cases and the latest research 
  • We offer ongoing lipoprotein apheresis therapy to patients with poorly con-trolled and severely elevated LDL-cholesterol and Lipoprotein(a). The mul-tidisciplinary team includes specialized apheresis nurses and is supervised by Dr Cornier and the inpatient cardiology team. The apheresis program at UCH is one of the biggest in the country offering this state-of-the-art treat-ment to close to twenty patients 
















Research Highlights 

  • We are recruiting participants for clinical trials of new lipid modifying therapies 
  • Our providers are also involved in research studies in body weight regulation and metabolism 



Snip20201203_28              Education Highlights 

  • The lipid team give lectures on managing lipid disorders across disciplines on local, state, national and international stages. 
  • The lipid clinic team meets monthly to review the latest research and clinical trials. 
  • Drs Cornier and Saxon provide education on lipid disorders to the CUSOM medical school and physician assistant curriculum 
  • The clinic dietician offers the latest education on nutrition to our patients.





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