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Poem: Ilya Kaminsky “We Lived Happily During the War.”

Traditional teaching suggests that the principle – or law – of wholeness applies not only to the nonhuman realms, but to the human one as well. When people cause problems, for instance, this law of interconnectedness requires that [we] investigate all the factors that might have contributed to the misbehavior. That investigation must go back much further in time than is the custom in western courts, and it must encompass a greatly expanded circle of friends, family, employers, and other influences. Further, any plan of action must involve not only the group doing what they can about their problem. Disharmony within one individual is seen as everyone’s disharmony, for it “infests” all relationships which involve that person. The principle thus requires looking for, and responding to, complex interconnections, not single acts of separate individuals. Anything short of that is seen as a naïve response destined to ultimate failure… 

“In our teachings,” [an Ojibway friend] said, “people heal best when they heal with each other.” – Rupert Ross

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