COAST-IT – Connecting Older Adults to Students Through Interprofessional Telecare

We are actively recruiting older adult participants

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Older adults have been significantly impacted by loneliness and social isolation during COVID-19. At the same time, health professional students in their first 1-2 years of training have lost opportunities to have interactions with older adult patients. The team at CU Anschutz, led by the CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging, hosts an outreach program where students from either the CU Anschutz School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, College of Nursing or School of Dental Medicine programs will pair with an older adult to have weekly to bi-monthly social phone calls. 

Interested in Participating in COAST-IT?  We would love to have you!

Elderly woman smiling, talking on phoneFor Older Adults, here is some criteria to consider if COAST-IT is a good fit: 

  • Older adults who have felt some mental or physical health effects from loneliness and isolation that has occurred due to COVID-19 or other recent social changes.
  • Older Adults who would enjoy interacting with a student regularly and volunteer to be a part of the program.
  • Older Adults who could successfully participate in regularly scheduled (up to weekly or bi-monthly) phone calls with a student. Our hope is the student and older adult would remain phone partners through the duration of the student’s educational time on campus.
  • Older Adults who are comfortable communicating on the phone.
  • Older Adults who would enjoy regularly scheduled extended social conversations with a medical, pharmacy, nursing or dental medicine students
  • Older Adults who are interested in having fun conversations with health profession students

diverse older adults outsideFor Students, here is some criteria to consider if COAST-IT is a good fit:

  • Students who are interested in getting to know older adults and have an interest in being mentored by someone of the older generation
  • Students who can commit to a weekly or bi-monthly social phone call with an older adult partner for the duration of an academic year, if not longer
  • Students who are interested in learning how to better hone communication and interaction skills with older adults, in order to become better future clinicians
  • Students who are interested in learning more about geriatric medicine and its application with future older adult patients
  • Students who are interested in having fun conversations with older adults
For additional information or inquires please contact:
Joanna Fitzgibbons,
Program Coordinator

Listen to a COAST-IT CU Anschutz School of Dental Medicine Student share her experience