The CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging connects government, community, industry and campus opportunities and initiatives about aging for the State of Colorado and beyond. It takes a multidisciplinary team of experts to work together to find ways we can develop programs, resources and services to help support productive aging for all. The CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging works to be that catalyst to bring together the experts, patients, community members, clinicians and researchers to ensure successful aging is achieved for all Citizens of Colorado.

Engagement On and Off Campus: 

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The CU Multidisciplinary Center on Aging is the centralized campus contact for topics related to aging, geriatric training for health care providers, and programming for older adults.  For more information about outreach and engagement opportunities for the CU Anschutz Multidisciplinary Center on Aging please contact or 303.724.0832.

Colorado Coalition on Aging Research and Education (CoCare)

CoCare is a network of Colorado University programs focused on aging research, clinical and applied services, outreach, and education. CoCare plays a key role for forming collaborative groups, job searching, lobbying, proposing new legislation, and raising awareness of aging issues around the State of Colorado.

CoCare Participating Universities

Movers and Shakers Thought Leaders Committee

Key leaders representing organizations focused on aging, across the State of Colorado, come together regularly to discuss, prioritize and elevate aging issues to government, industry and community in order to better serve the Citizens of the State of Colorado. 

Example of Statewide Initiative - New proposed legislation for 2021 to train nurse practitioners and physician assistants in geriatric care throughout rural and underserved Colorado.

On-Campus Partners:

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is the only health sciences campus in the State of Colorado.  Each of the Schools, Colleges and Divisions on campus bring expertise in aging from many different disciplines. This expertise is housed on one campus and serves as a resource in aging both state-wide and nationally.