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Why Heart Attack Symptoms Are Sometimes Missed in Women

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"I think so many of us are scared to call the ambulance, to call 911, because we don't want somebody to say, 'Well, you just have indigestion; go home,' " said Murphy, who authors a blog dedicated to encouraging other heart attack survivors. "I would rather have somebody be told at the ER that it's not what they thought it was, and it's not a heart attack, than to have somebody have a heart attack not get help and then could die," she said.

New Research Offers Achievable Approach to New Year’s Resolution to Exercise More

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Through continuing research, says Regensteiner, the Center for Women’s Health Research is working to identify more and better ways to help people move past barriers to regular exercise. “Some barriers are individual health challenges,” she said. “For example, we know that it’s more difficult for women with diabetes to exercise than it is for men who are also affected by this disease...