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Layne Dylla MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine


Layne Dylla, MD, PhD, received her degrees from the University of Colorado and is currently an emergency medicine physician at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital. 

Research + Funding 

In 2021, she began her Ludeman Center-funded research project titled, “Sex-based Differences in the Ischemic-Reperfusion Response to Hyperoxia for the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke.” Her research evaluated sex differences in the response to hyperoxia and high levels of supplemental oxygen for acute ischemic stroke. The goal was to assess the biologic response to hyperoxia, specifically, the effects on cell death and the blood brain barrier, and to assess the clinical response to this treatment. 

Dr. Dylla recognizes the Ludeman Center’s commitment to supporting researchers through regular training that facilitates high-quality research and creates a supportive atmosphere for learning and developing as a scientist.  

Transforming Women’s Health 

Women suffer greater morbidity and mortality from stroke compared to men, which is why her current research focuses on the sex-based differences in stroke physiology and response to treatments with the hope to combat these disparities in this critical area of research.  

Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research

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