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Identifying the Path for your Practice

After reviewing the model comparison table, was there a column in which you highlighted/circled the most cells? Is there a model that is standing out for you that would work best for your practice? At this point, here is what we recommend:

Three Steps

Select a Model:

Pick one to start—which model or combination of models seem like it would work for your practice?

Get it Started:

Complete the questions below in “My Plan” and then click on “print or save” to have a written outline of your plan.

Iterate and Adapt:

This is important. The key is to START. You can learn as you go, expect to adapt and make changes based on what you learn

In the past, we treated [obesity] as a character flaw or poor decision making, or lack of willpower. Forcing ourselves to think about it as a chronic disease that has a complex physiology... allows us to use clinical skills that we use with other chronic diseases.


My Plan

The document below is designed to help you think through a plan to get started. Feel free to use it however suits you best: you can print it out and mark it up by hand, or type directly into the PDF and save/print it to share with others on your team.

Important: If you want to type into the form and save your answers, download the form to your computer and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will allow you to save the filled-out version of the form. If you fill out the form directly in your browser, your answers will not be saved (unless you have a fancy browser extension designed for that purpose).

My Plan -- snapshot of both pages
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