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Most women experience breast changes at some time during their lifetime. Age, pregnancy, hormone levels and medicine may cause lumps or discharges. When many of us think of breast disease, we think of breast cancer, but there are many other breast diseases and conditions that can affect a woman's breast health.

The Department of Surgery faculty who specialize in breast disease use a multidisciplinary approach with other physicians at the Breast Center to determine the optimal treatment for each patient.

Our breast specialists provide a comprehensive and caring approach to breast procedures, including preventive care, breast cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery. 



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To Trust or Not to Trust Your Breast Cancer Risk Calculation

CU Cancer Center member Laura Scherer, PhD, is conducting a National Cancer Institute-funded study on breast cancer risk skepticism.

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Suzi Brinkman Experienced Breast Cancer Before, During, and After Childbirth

Brinkman worked with CU Cancer Center members including Elena Shagisultanova, MD, PhD, to get on a clinical trial for breast cancer patients who wanted to become pregnant.

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5280 Top Doctors Named for 2023

The List Includes CU Breast Cancer and Plastic Surgeons

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FDA Issues New Mammography Guidelines for Women With Dense Breasts

CU Cancer Center members say the new regulations will improve early detection and raise awareness among health care providers.

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What Happens When Breast Cancer Metastasizes to the Brain?

CU Cancer Center member Ryan Ormond, MD, PhD, explains diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer that spreads to the brain.

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Study Could Lead to Better Education and Treatment of Sexual Health for Breast Cancer Patients

CU Anschutz researchers reveal patients would like better education and counseling about how treatment can negatively impact their sexual health

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