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IMG_3656The international research program utilizes randomized controlled trials to test new hypotheses directed to improving maternal and offspring nutrition and health and stable isotope metabolic studies to advance understanding of micronutrient homeostasis.

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Nancy F. Krebs, MD, MS

​Currently co-directing a pre-conception maternal nutrition intervention trial in 4 low resource countries (India, Pakistan, DR Congo, Guatemala); outcomes will include those of public health interest plus extensive maternal & infant biological phenotyping


K. Michael Hambidge, MD, ScD

​​Primary focus is on research related to the WOMEN FIRST project with participating sites in DRC, Guatemala, India and Pakistan. The project is an RCT of maternal nutrition interventions with a wide range of outcomes both maternal and offspring up to 2 years of age.
Sarah Borengasser, PhD
​Early origins of obesity and epigenetic influences

Katherine A. Sauder, PhD

​Behavioral interventions to improve diabetes risk factors in American Indian children
 Kartik Shankar

Kartik Shankar, PhD

Understanding the impact of maternal nutritional status and environmental health on placental function and child health
Douglas Taren PhD

Douglas Taren, PhD


Global food security issues, evaluation of humanitarian food aid programs, and dietary interventions.