Organoid and Tissue Modeling Shared Resource

Tissue Culture Reagent Services

The OTMSR provides a variety of conditioned medias, matrigel, supplements, and growth factors to enable even the most advanced organoid culture systems.

Conditioned Medias

The OTMSR stocks a variety of cell lines for the production of conditioned medias. Conditioned media is pooled, sterile filtered, and quality tested with luciferase or ELISA assay to determine growth factor activity or concentrations. Additionally, all medias are functionally tested on standardized OTMSR organoid lines to ensure normal morphometry and growth characteristics.

Conditioned Media Composition Source
WRNWnt3a, R-Spondin 3, NogginL-WRN (ATCC CRL-3276)1
RCMR-Spondin 2Gift from Jeff Whitsett2

1Miyoshi H., Stappenbeck, T., 2013, Nature Protocols

2Bell SM et al., 2008, Development


Complete Organoid Medias

The OTMSR provides a range of fully prepared custom medias for most organoid applications. Additionally, the OTMSR can formulate custom medias to meet specific research needs. Custom medias can be designed for tissue-specific mouse or human organoids. All complete medias are made to order using the OTMSR's conditioned media and assorted supplements. To identify the correct media for your organoid application, please schedule an initial consultation on iLabs.

Example Complete MediasUsage Notes
Complete ENR (mouse) 
Complete WENR (mouse) 
Complete WENRAS (human) 

*Comprehensive list of complete organoid medias available on iLabs (full media composition available following initial consultation)

**Complete medias are not intended to be frozen, and should be used within 2 weeks of the made-by date.


3D Culture Matrix

All Matrigel is purchased in bulk and tested using the OTMSR’s standardized organoids to ensure consistency. Lot-specific information is available upon request.

3D matrix Notes
BME MatrigelR&D Systems (cat# 3533-005-02)

*More 3D matrices in development


Media Supplements and Growth Factors

B-27 Supplement [50x]Life Technologies (cat# 17504-044)
N-2 Supplement [100x]Life Technologies (cat# 17502-048)
N21-Max Supplement [50x]R&D Systems (cat# AR008)
Y-27632 dihydrochloride [10mM]R&D Systems (cat# 1254)
CHIR 99021 [10mM]R&D Systems (cat# 4423)
Recombinant Human FGF10 [25µg/mL]R&D Systems (cat# 345-FG-025/CF)

*Lot-specific information is available upon request


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