Quick Start Guide


  1. Place this placard at the front desk alerting patients that weight-prioritized visits are available. Initial weight-prioritized visits should be made at the clinic, whereas follow-up weight visits can be done at the clinic or through Patient Line.
  2. Once the weight prioritized visit is scheduled, the patient weight management questionnaire will be sent to the patient 72 hours prior to their visit via MyHealthConnection as a part of the e-check-in process for visits. PATHWEIGH Questionnaire Video
    Initial Weight Management Visit
    Follow-up Weight Management Visit
  3. It is helpful and time-efficient for the medical assistant to check that the questionnaire was completed prior to the visit, and if not, the medical assistant can complete it with the patient during the rooming process.

During the visit

  1. Use the patient’s answers to the weight management questionnaire to direct the conversation and the plan. 
  2. The weight management PATHWEIGH tool "invisible text" is effectively a menu of options to support the evaluation and plan. It also includes patient instructions for diet, physical activity, and behavior modification. PATHWEIGH Epic Tools Video
  3. The weight management PATHWEIGH tool disappearing help text links to AgileMD care pathways > primary care > obesity > pharmacotherapy.
  4. The tool also includes support on weight management billing.


  1. Set up a follow-up weight prioritized visit.