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Research Seeks Enhance Cellular Immunotherapy

Dr. Davila was recently awarded the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative Grant, he sits down to discuss his aim to enhance all forms of cellular immunotherapy has been awarded the Anschutz Acceleration Initiative Grant. 

Messersmith, Wells

Discussing the Merits of Second Opinions with Dr. Messersmith

Dr. Messersmith discusses the ways in which a second opinion can boost patient confidence in the diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Pine, Sharon

TORI; Advancing Cancer Research Through Collaboration

The Thoracic Oncology Research Initiative (TORI), led by Dr. Sharon Pine, brings together investigators from multiple departments and centers across the CU Anschutz Medical Campus to advance lung cancer research.

Lieu, Chris

Discussing the Impact of a Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Lieu discusses what a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis means for patients and treatment methods.


Discussing the Importance of Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer

Clinical trials over the years have resulted in new drugs that prolong life and prevent cancer from spreading and Dr. Diamond discusses their importance and impact in breast cancer research. 

Dr. Camidge IASLC

Dr. Camidge Honored By IASLC

Ross Camidge, MD, PhD, received the Daniel C. Ihde Lectureship Award for Medical Oncology from the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. The award is named for the influential lung cancer researcher and former longtime deputy director of the National Cancer Institute.

Patil, Tejas

Tejas Patil, MD, Joins ALK Positive to Discuss Trials

Assistant Professor of Medicine Tejas Patil, MD, recently joined ALK Positive for an ALKtALK on his trial combining Amivantamab with an ALK TKI.


Robert Lentz, MD, Recipient of the 2023 ACS Grant

Robert Lentz, MD, received funding to test the combination of two drugs in colorectal and pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma. “Metastatic colorectal and pancreas ductal adenocarcinoma are common and deadly and frequently harbor KRAS mutations, novel treatments are desperately needed.”


Tejas Patil, MD, Receives Gilead Grant

Thanks to a grant from the Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program, University of Colorado Cancer Center member Tejas Patil, MD, is launching a study to better understand how persister cells survive in the presence of targeted therapy and what methods might be used to target them to improve patient survival.

Lieu, Kim_Square

Expanding the Umbrella of Care

In the earliest days of specialized cancer care, either individual oncologists were burdened with the expectation to know everything, or patients were sent on treatment journeys that could involve multiple visits with multiple clinicians in multiple locations. Drs. Lieu and Kim discuss the benefits of multidisciplinary care.


Eduardo Davila, PhD, Receives Funding from NCI

Dr. Davila received R01 grant funding from the NCI to better understand why some melanoma patients don’t respond to immunotherapy, and to determine how to increase responsiveness in patients, eventually resulting in a Phase I clinical trial in patients with rare melanoma.


Jamie Studts, PhD, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation Grant Recipient

Jamie Studts, PhD, has co-created a project designed to boost lung cancer screening rates in Kentucky earning a grant from the Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation.

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