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Graham, Laura

Dr. Graham Discusses High-Dose Testosterone to Treat Prostate Cancer

Dr. Laura Graham, is currently leading a phase 2 trial studying  whether high doses of testosterone are a feasible treatment against castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) leading to a reduction in prostate cancer growth as well as improved quality of life.


Dr. Davila Discusses Importance of PIKE-PREP Program

PIKE-PREP offers students from URM communities multi-dimensional mentorship and research training designed to prepare them for enrollment and success in a top-tier PhD or MD/PhD program.

McDermott, Jessica

Deputy AD for Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Research

Jessica McDermott, MD, Assistant Professor with the Division of Medical Oncology, has been named Deputy Associate Director for Diversity and Inclusion in Clinical Research. This role was recently created to identify and address barriers clinical trial accrual.


New Clinical Trial to Treat Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Robert Lentz, MD, spearheads a new phase 2 clinical trial for patients with metastatic colon cancer for whom chemotherapy and biologic therapy are no longer effective options.

Wood, Marie

Improving Access to Genetic Counseling and Testing

Co-director of the hereditary cancer program, Marie Wood, MD, aims to increase patient awareness surrounding the importance of genetic counseling and genetic testing relating to cancer.


Recent Study Reduces Risk in Extracting Tumor Information

Dr. Kabos discusses his recent study analyzing blood plasma to extract critical breast tumor information and disease progression instead of more invasive tissue biopsies.

Kim, Sunnie

Sunnie Kim, MD, Raises Awareness About Stomach Cancer

Dr. Kim discusses why in the United States oncologists have seen the number of new stomach cancer cases decrease over the past decade.

Schenk, Erin

2022 Translational Research Scholar Program Awardee

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Schenk who was selected from many highly competitive applications as the 2022 Translational Research Scholars Program Awardee.  

Kasey Couts, PhD, Recipient of Young Investigator Award

Kasey Couts, PhD, has been awarded the Melanoma Research Alliance Young Investigator Award for her research: Targeting anti-tumor immunity in anatomically distinct mucosal melanomas

NIH Funding to Study Link Between Breast Cancer and Obesity

Dr. Kabos and his colleagues Paul MacLean, PhD, and Victoria Catenacci, MD, have received an R01 NIH grant to study on the impact of obesity on breast cancer.

Dr. Lam Discusses the Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Cancer

Dr. Lam explains why when many cancers are decreasing in incidence, kidney cancer is seeing an increase.

The Importance of Colon Cancer Awareness with Sunnie Kim, MD

Colon cancer being the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, healthcare providers saw a 90% decrease in colon cancer screenings in 2020.  Dr. Sunnie Kim joined the Kathie J Show to stress the importance of regular screenings, while spreading awareness, and providing health tips. 

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