Brandon McMahon, MD Voted as One of Denver's Top Doctors 2019 >> 

August 9, 2019, by 5280 Magazine

Brandon McMahon, MD, a Hematologist in the Division of Hematology, was chosen as one of the top doctors in the Mile High Area August 2019.

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Subversion of Systemic Glucose Metabolism as a Mechanism to Support the Growth of Leukemia Cells >>

Selected as one of the "Best of Cancer Cell 2018"

October 8, 2018, by Cancer Cell Journal


It is well established that cancer cells consume more glucose than normal cells, a component of malignant cell bioenergetics that has been documented in numerous studies (Hay, 2016).To date though, studies have mainly focused on cell-intrinsic mechanisms by which glucose is preferentially utilized, such s activation of glucose transporters and glycolysis. In the present study, we sought to approach glucose metabolism from a holistic perspective and to consider how cancer cells manage their need for glucose in the context of an entire mammalian organism. We note that, relative to the total tissue mass of an organism, the volume of the tumor is generally low. Therefore, we hypothesized that activation of intrinsic pathways alone may not be sufficient to provide adequate glucose to drive robust cancer cell growth...

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Could You Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency? >>

May 5, 2019, by Consumer Reports

About 20% of people over age 60 have low levels of vitamin B12, yet many of them don't know it [...] a second test, for methylmalonic acid-which rises is B12 levels are low-is commonly done to confirm, according to hematologist Sally Stabler, M.D., professor of medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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2018 Division of Hematology Awards >>

April 25, 2019, by the Division of Hematology

2018 Division of Hematology Awards where we proudly honor the following individuals who were presented with Division of Hematology awards in 2018.

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New drug trial at CU Anschutz may be a cure to a strain of Leukemia >>

April 8, 2019, by Byron Reed

New drug trial at CU Anschutz may be a cure to a strain of Leukemia

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Cancer Patient Celebrated At Rockies Game >>

April 7, 2019, by CBS 4 Denver

The Colorado Rockies are going to bat with UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital to help knock Leukemia out of the park and out of patients’ lives.

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UCHealth brings back 'Hit the Mitt' for cancer research at Coors Field.>>

April 5, 2019, by Channel 9 News

Dan Pollyea, MD joins previous patient and cancer survivor, Cassie Ragnar, in an interview with 9 News about UCHealth's second year of the "Hit the Mitt" campaign.

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This CU Drug Trial May Be A Cure For An Aggressive Strain Of Leukemia >>

April 5, 2019, by Colorado Public Radio

Karl Leason, a retired music teacher in Cañon City, was "never so panicked in my entire life" when he received his AML diagnosis. He was given six months, maybe a year, to live.

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Getting to the Root of Leukemia >>

January 3, 2019, by Colorado Cancer Blogs

Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant are the standard-of-care for AML. Now the basic science from Jordan’s lab and the results from clinical trials in Pollyea’s and Smith’s patients are leading to a new paradigm for the treatment of AML.

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Pollyea and Pietras earn endowed chairs in hematology research >>

December 17, 2018, by Colorado Cancer Blogs

Chairs in Hematology research

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91 percent response rate for venetoclax against newly diagnosed AML in older adults >>

November 29, 2018, by Colorado Cancer Blog

Newly diagnosed AML in older adults

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Cancer hijacks the microbiome to glut itself on glucose >>

September 28, 2018, by Colorado Cancer Blog

Cancer hijacks the microbiome

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Angelo D'Alessandro to Become NBF Scholar >>

September 28, 2018, by UC Health

Angelo D'Alessandro to Become NBF Scholar

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Patients “light the night” to support blood cancer cures >>

September 21, 2018, by UC Health

Read Nathan Kissack story.

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UCHealth providers join forces to battle an elusive cancer foe >>

September 12, 2018, by UC Health

Dr. Bradley Haverkos​ and Dr. Theresa Pacheco, and their care team.

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CAR-T immunotherapy at UCHealth brings ‘new lease on life’ >>

September 7, 2018, by UC Health

Read Bill Brennan's story

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Lindsey Lyle and Alex Hirose Publication: Iron Overload in Myelodysplastic Syndromes >>

August 20, 2018, by Lindsey Lyle and Alex Hirose

Myelodysplastic Syndromes Abstract

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University of Colorado featured in Video by EBMT TV >>

March 18, 2018, by The European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT)

Video highlighting the Division of Hematology/BMT

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MPN Hero Award >>

Lindsey Lyle is the 1st PA ever to be nominated!

December 8, 2017, by Voices of MPN

Congratulations to our very own Lindsey Lyle, who received the MPN Hero Award for Commitment to the Individual at ASH on Friday, December 8th. 

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A Salute to our Patient Jason Gallegos, Leukemia Survivor >>

November 27, 2017, by UC Health

First Sgt. Jason Gallegos served gallantly during three tours in Iraq, only to come home to battle another foe – and win.

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NEJM Case Reports Show Promise of Cancer Immunotherapy to Treat Rare Lymphoma >>

July 10, 2017, by The University of Colorado Cancer Center

Three case reports published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrate the promise of cancer immunotherapy in gray zone lymphoma, a rare subtype that mixes characteristics of Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin forms of the disease.

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Transformation through Teamwork >>

Reorganization Transforms Bone Marrow Transplant Program at University of Colorado Hospital

June 23, 2017, by The School of Medicine

Each year, nearly 50,000 bone marrow transplants are carried out across the globe. The treatment is often the last resort for patients battling blood diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and multiple myeloma.

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Tyler Buckner Invited to join the Medical and Scientific Advisory Council >>

June 13, 2017, by The National Hemophilia Foundation

Dr. Tyler Buckner, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, has been invited to join the prestigious Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF), an honor reserved for leaders in the field of Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders.

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LIVE Webinar Series - Living Well With MPNs >>

Tips and Strategies for Managing Symptoms and Side Effects of MPNs

May 8, 2017, by Patient Power

This live webinar will help viewers understand symptoms and side effects associated with MPNs.

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Provider Teamwork Pays off for BMT Patients >>

January 17, 2017, by Tyler Smith

​UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital has cemented its place among the nation’s leaders in treating and caring for patients who are among medicine’s most vulnerable.

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Eric Pietras DOM Team Science Award Recipient >>

January 10, 2017, by The Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine (DOM) has selected three interdisciplinary research groups to receive funding through its Team Science Program.

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2019 Division of Hematology Awards

The Division of Hematology awarded 14 awards at their Employee Appreciation Party on Sunday, January 19, 2020.