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The health policy journal club is an interdisciplinary, inter-professional group convened monthly by the Farley Health Policy Center to discuss timely topics in health policy. A curated selection of high yield articles provides the basis for discussion. Past topics have included income inequality and health, professionalism in medicine, patients as consumers, and adjusting payment for measures of social risk. This page presents the reading list from the most recent journal club along with key takeaways from the articles and discussion.

Health Policy Journal Club, December 2020

State Actions to Address Health Care Costs


Introduction to the state health care cost conundrum 

  1. Jones DK, Pagel C. Bipartisan approaches to tackling health care costs at the state level. Milbank Memorial Fund. October 2020. 
  2. Understanding the Health Care Cost Conundrum in 2020. National Academy for State Health Policy. 
  3. This tracker includes broad categories of state legislative actions to lower health system costs. 

Total cost of care benchmark approaches 

  1. Waugh L, McCarthy D. How the Massachusetts health policy commission is fostering a statewide commitment to contain health care spending growth. March 5, 2020. Commonwealth Fund. 
  2. Massachusetts residents paying more out of pocket for health care, report finds. Masslive. October 8, 2019. 
  3. Overview of state health care cost growth benchmark programs 

Pharmaceutical costs 

  1. Waldrop T, Calsyn M. State policy options to reduce prescription drug spending . Center for American Progress. February 13, 2020. 
  2. Prescription Drug Affordability Review Board Q&A. National Academy for State Health Policy.   
  3. This state tracker covers bills related to lowering rx drug costs.


Key takeaways from the readings