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Health Policy Journal Club, July 2023

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Medicine

The health policy journal club is an interdisciplinary, inter-professional group convened monthly by the Farley Health Policy Center to discuss timely topics in health policy. A curated selection of high-yield articles provides the basis for discussion. Past topics have included income inequality and health, professionalism in medicine, patients as consumers, and adjusting payment for measures of social risk. This page presents the reading list from the most recent journal club.


Intro to AI and primary care 

  1. Lin S. A clinician's guide to artificial intelligence (AI): why and how primary care should lead the health care AI revolution. JABFM. 2022;35:175-184.
  2. Optional reading: Upshaw TL, Craig-Neil A, Macklin J et al. Priorities for artificial intelligence applications in primary care: a Canadian deliberative dialogue with patients, providers and health system leaders. JABFM 2023;36:210-220. See Appendix 2, starting with (3. Artificial Intelligence: An overview) on page E8 for a primer on AI. 


  1. Lee P, Bubeck S, Petro J. Benefits, limits and risks of GPT-4 as an AI chatbot for medicine. 2023;388:13.
  2. Hailu R, Beam A, Mehrotra A. ChatGPT-assisted diagnosis: is the future suddenly here? STATnews. February 13, 2023
  3. Ayers JW, Poliak A, Dredze M et al. Comparing physician and artificial intelligence chatbot responses to patient questions posted to a public social media forum. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2023;183(6):589-596.

AI and equity 

  1. d'Elia A, Gabbay M, Rodgers S et al. Artificial intelligence and health inequities in primary care: a systematic scoping review and framework. Family Medicine and Community Health. 2022;10:e001670. 

The future of medicine 

  1. Heath I, Montori VM. Responding to the crisis of care. BMJ. 2023;380:464.
  2.  Will AI Eventually Replace Doctors? KelloggInsight. February 1, 2023. 


As Dr. Lin writes in the first article, artificial intelligence (AI) is the future that is already here. These articles describe the ways AI is being used in medicine now, envision how it might be used in the future, identify pitfalls and ethical concerns to address, and speculate about the role of physicians in a new era of healthcare.