Office of Community-Based Medical Education

Volunteer Clinical Faculty are vital partners in fulfilling the School of Medicine's mission.

At the Office of Community-Based Medical Education (OCBME), our mission is to assist and support Volunteer Clinical Faculty involved in community-based medical education within the CU School of Medicine. We are dedicated to fostering best practices, innovation, and collaboration to empower medical educators and learners alike.

Join us in our commitment to shaping the futures of our medical learners through transformative learning experiences in our communities. We welcome your outreach about how you can get involved and excel as a medical educator with the CU School of Medicine!

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Volunteer Clinical Faculty

Volunteer Clinical Faculty at the University of Colorado School of Medicine includes clinicians, healthcare practitioners, and professionals who make significant contributions to the institution's educational, clinical, or research endeavors. They serve on a paid/part-time, unsalaried, or voluntary basis.

In accordance with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation standards, individuals involved in supervising, teaching, or assessing medical students must hold a faculty appointment at the University of Colorado School of Medicine or be supervised by a faculty appointee. Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointments are offered to utilize the expertise of health professionals from the community to support the School of Medicine curriculum. Through these appointments, individuals contribute by teaching the application of clinical and basic sciences in patient care contexts, thereby providing valuable support to the School of Medicine's curriculum.

We are extremely appreciative for the diverse and invaluable contributions of our volunteer clinical faculty. Their engagement significantly contributes to our institution's academic mission, enriching programs that benefit medical learners, patients, and the broader community.

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