To qualify for a Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment and engage as an educator, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a valid medical license, active malpractice insurance, and, if applicable, a valid DEA number.
  • Consent to and successfully pass a criminal background check conducted through the University of Colorado Human Resources. Background checks are mandatory for all potential employees, including volunteers and those who will interact with students, patients, minors, or visitors.
  • Adhere to the School of Medicine's Teacher-Learner Agreement and uphold standards for professional behaviors/attitudes, including altruism, integrity, respect for others, and a commitment to excellence.

Recruitment Process

Prospective Volunteer Clinical Faculty engaged in medical education must be recruited by a School of Medicine staff or faculty member to be eligible for appointment. This includes curriculum coordinators/directors, educational partners, and leadership within medical education. If you are recruiting someone for a Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment and have questions, please reach out to the Office of Community-Based Medical Education.

Recruiters will submit a request for the Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment via an internal form for review by the Office of Community-Based Medical Education. Before form submission, recruiters must obtain the applicant's current CV/resume and gather information on the applicant's medical board certifications, teaching experience, and leadership roles. To streamline the review and approval process with the School of Medicine and the relevant department/division, please provide comprehensive and accurate details regarding the volunteer's support for the school.

Appointment Process

    Volunteer Clinical Faculty Appointments are subject to review and approval by the Office of Medical Education leadership. Once the recruiter's appointment request is approved, the Office of Community-Based Medical Education (OCBME) and our Human Resources Shared Services (HRSS) team will contact the applicant to outline the next steps.

    To finalize a Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment, the applicant is required to complete the following steps:

    1. Personal Information Form: HRSS will send the applicant a secure link via email to provide their personal information. This information will be used to initiate a background check and generate an Employee ID. It is essential to provide accurate details through the encrypted form.

    2. Background Check: The applicant will receive instructions via email to complete an electronic background check consent form through the University of Colorado's background check vendor, HireRight. Applicants should regularly check their email, including spam and junk folders, to ensure timely completion of the form. The Background Check Form must be completed within 14 days upon receiving the active link from HireRight.

    3. Letter of Offer: Following the successful completion of the background check and personal information form, the applicant will receive a Letter of Offer electronically through DocuSign. It is important to carefully review the terms of the Volunteer Clinical Faculty appointment and sign the document to officially activate the appointment.


    If you do not have a faculty sponsor at the University of Colorado, but would like to be involved in medical education, please reach out to the Office of Community-Based Medical Education: SOM.OCBME@cuanschutz.edu.


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