The Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) Program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (UCSOM) provides career development to outstanding junior faculty members in key research specialties relevant to women’s health. The BIRCWH program’s aim is to provide bridging support to physician-scientists and scientists in the early stages of their professional careers so that they can achieve an independent research career. These junior faculty members are paired with senior investigators in a mentored, interdisciplinary scientific environment.​

The BIRCWH grant at UCSOM focuses on three interrelated areas affecting women's health across the life span from preconception to aging.​
•Pregnancy: Placentation, lactation, fetal and neonatal programming
•Adult Health: Obesity, menopause, aging, diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD)

The UCSOM has strong interdisciplinary research programs in these areas, extending from molecular research into the basic mechanisms of disease through clinical studies to epidemiological analyses of etiology and outcomes.

For more details, visit the BIRCWH website by clicking the link below.