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Newly Named Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research Begins New Chapter

Outstanding commitment from the Ludeman family fuels women's health and sex differences research

On May 4, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus announced the naming of the Center for Women's Health Research in honor of the Ludeman family - a longstanding philanthropic partner.

The Ludeman family has a time-honored commitment to science, technology and education. The family holdings comprising the gift have been passed down through generations and now offer the opportunity to give back and rapidly advance healthcare for women and their families.

Today, Lyda Ludeman is hoping to translate her family's passion for science by making a transformational impact in women's health and sex differences research for decades. "You can't open a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing about a host of urgent and worthwhile causes. I decided that I wanted to make an impact by selecting one cause; something that was meaningful to me and my family before me. Improving women's health yields long-lasting benefits to women, the entire family and society as a whole," said Ms. Ludeman. This gift represents generations of work and dedication from the Ludeman family. "It was important to have my family name associated with the center because they all played a part in making this possible."

This support allows the Ludeman Center to plan for the future and continue expanding its work. "There is no doubt that this support will allow us to grow, fund more research and ultimately, transform the lives of women and their families," said Judith Regensteiner, PhD, director and co-founder of the Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research. "Our mission is more important than ever before, and we can't thank the Ludeman family enough for their visionary generosity."

"The Ludeman family's longtime commitment to women's health research has led to many breakthroughs by School of Medicine faculty," said John J. Reilly, Jr., MD, dean of the CU School of Medicine. "Our researchers study women's health so that we can better understand sex and gender differences and improve care for all. We thank Ms. Ludeman and her family for their generous and dedicated support of our faculty's important work. Her support has and will continue to make a significant difference."

Naming the Ludeman Center is a recognition of the outstanding work of faculty and staff and effectiveness of community advisors. It also tied the Ludeman family legacy to the Ludeman Center's work in perpetuity. "This tremendous gift shows strong support for the mission of the center, and I am humbled that the Ludeman family has partnered with the university in this way," said Chancellor Don Elliman. "We are proud to have the Ludeman family name associated with our campus, and eager to put these resources to work to advance vital initiatives in women's health."

"The Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research will make a significant difference in advancing the health of women and of communities," said CU President Mark Kennedy. "It will expand on the great work the center has been doing for years and will help elevate its ongoing contributions."

The Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research has a three-part mission - to conduct leading research, mentor and train the next generation of scientists and educate the community and healthcare providers. "With philanthropic leadership from the Ludeman family, we are going to redouble our efforts so we can support growth in all of these areas," said Dr. Regensteiner. 

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Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research

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