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Lyndsey DuBose PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine, University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Geriatric Medicine (SOM)


Lyndsey DuBose, PhD, received her BS in exercise science from the University of Texas at Austin, her MS in human physiology from the University of Iowa and her PhD in human physiology from the University of Iowa.   


Research + Funding 

In 2021, Dr. DuBose received funding from the Ludeman Center for her research project titled, “Ovarian Regulation of Central and Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics.” Women are disproportionately diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, representing more than two-thirds of the more than five million individuals with the disease, and there are currently no successful treatments for preventing the development of Alzheimer's disease. Women seem to be protected until after menopause when the susceptibility for developing Alzheimer's disease increases in some women. Her research is investigating the role of estrogen deficiency on the vascular contribution to Alzheimer's disease in women.   

“I have greatly appreciated being a part of the Ludeman Center to help improve the lives of women, both in our community and around the world. Through their targeted focus on conducting multidisciplinary, translational women's health research, they provide researchers with the opportunity to interact with the community through annual events and other talks,” she shares.  


Transforming Women’s Health 

With a drive to progress the research around women’s health, Dr. DuBose’s current research is centered on the influence of female reproductive disorders on heart and brain health in women.


Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research

CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

12348 East Montview Boulevard

Mail Stop C-263

Aurora, CO 80045


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