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Dr. Josiane Broussard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University. She is also an Adjoint Assistant Professor of Medicine at CU Anschutz. Dr. Broussard’s research is focused on the impact of sleep and circadian disruption on metabolic homeostasis in men and women. Dr. Broussard and her team study how not getting enough sleep, or sleeping and eating at the wrong time of day impair metabolic tissues such as muscle and fat tissue. 

Women are more likely to suffer from poor sleep quality and more sleep disturbances, and this becomes even worse after menopause. Understanding the role of sex differences during sleep and circadian disruption could help better define therapeutic strategies for men and women when these behaviors are unavoidable. Dr. Broussard's ongoing studies are focused on the timing of behavioral interventions such as exercise, eating and napping to identify non-pharmacologic means to limit metabolic impairments associated with sleep and circadian disruption.

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Ludeman Family Center for Women's Health Research

CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center

12348 East Montview Boulevard

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