Soranno headshot

Danielle Soranno

  • Pediatric Renal General Operations (SOM)

Research Description

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is where your kidneys suddenly stop working properly. It is a common complication in hospitalized patients and leads to increased hospital length of stay, increased hospital costs, and worse patient outcomes. AKI also significantly impacts other organ systems, including causing cardiac complications similar to that of a heart attack. In females, estrogen protects against the kidney complications of AKI, but it is currently unknown whether it also protects against the systemic effects that result in patient harm. Drs. Soranno and Baker will study the differences in heart function and blood pressure following AKI in male and female mice. They have previously demonstrated that certain chemical compounds improve heart function in male mice after AKI; however their effect(s) in females are unknown. Preserving blood pressure and heart function after AKI would improve patient outcomes.