Standardized Patients

The CAPE Standardized Patient is a unique kind of educator. SPs offer learners and professionals the opportunity to practice and enhance their communication, clinical, diagnostic, and examination skills through simulated interactions. SPs portray a variety of detailed scenarios in which they assume the role of patient, client, colleague and professional. They can also portray bystanders and family members. They assist with teaching and assessing learners and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Additionally, SPs help to facilitate the learner in guided self-reflection and provide feedback to the learners as they help develop clinical skills.


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Additional Roles:

Health Equity for Standardized Patients Course

The CAPE (Center for Advancing Professional Excellence) and the University of Colorado offer a Health Equity for Standardized Patients course. This unique three-day certification addresses the need for SPs to facilitate learner interactions that include feedback and portrayal of scenarios, incorporating health equity issues. These issues are now a part of most healthcare curriculums (i.e., Opioid management). After course completion, SPs are able to coach learners in recognizing health disparities and mitigating bias.


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