Expectations of the SR

  • We will perform a rigorous quality control report and inform the investigator early if we have found issues with the data.
  • Dependent on the quality of the data we have received, we will meet all of the agreed upon deliverables for an analysis and return the analysis in a timely manner. 
  • We will supply and assist writing methods for grants or publications.
  • We will have open conversations with investigators regarding project updates and any concerns. 


Expectations of the Investigator 

  • Payment of fees and authorship are not mutually exclusive. When authorship guidelines are met it will be necessary for core members who have performed the analysis to be recognized as co-authors to be the responsible party of the performed analysis. We adhere to NIH guidelines on authorship.
  • Any published or presented work accomplished using core resources should include the following statement in the acknowledgements: “This study was partly supported by the National Institutes of Health P30CA046934 Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Shared Resource Core.” If an option to directly include grant number during journal submission, the authors will include the Cancer Center Support Grant P30CA046934 
  • Investigators will submit their manuscripts to PubMed Central, obtain a PMCID, and link the publication to the Cancer Center Support Grant through MyNCBI. See more information hereAll publications receiving direct benefit from NIH funding (including services provided by NIH-funded shared core resources) are required by law to be submitted to PubMed Central. 
  • Investigators are encouraged to attach the Bioinformatics BBSR RRID (RRID: SCR_021983) with resulting manuscripts during submission if possible.
  • The investigator is responsible for the long-term storage of any raw data files (ex. fastq, CEL).
  • Any dissatisfaction with the analysis will be brought to the attention of the core and rectified where possible.


Long-term Data Storage

Bioinformatics will keep all data for at least 6 months. Long-term, we require collaborators to store and be responsible for raw sequencing files. These files will be necessary to publish with the data and for any follow-up analysis. We recommend the following options to store these raw files (ideally using multiple options):

   1. Store them on your lab server

  • This is a good option if your lab/department has a server where you can store ~100gb of data long-term
  • Contact your IT manager to allow the Core access to your drive and we will deposit the data

   2. Store them on an external hard drive

  • Keep in mind the size of the data will generally require more space than a typical flash drive
  • Provide the hard drive to the Core and we will transfer the data to it and return it to you

   3. Store them using Isilon through OIT

  • OIT offers cloud storage on demand. The price is $0.025 per Gb per month (~$30/year for 100Gb)
  • The Core can help you set up an account if you don’t already have one and transfer the data to your storage



Contact Information

For consultation requests, general questions, or new project requests, please use our request services form through our iLab site. Alternatively, you may email the Manager.

Andrew Goodspeed, PhD
Manager and Data Analyst
(303) 724 6582

James Costello, PhD
(303) 724 8619

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