Bioinformatics of the BBSR

Our Bioinformatics group is passionate about transforming and enhancing your research by incorporating -omics level analysis. We analyze both original and publicly available data. As a University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC) shared resource, our primary focus is on cancer research and we offer discounted rates to UCCC members, but all researchers with a cancer-focus will be considered. Bioinformatics is a component of the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BBSR). 

Please explore this website to find our primary services, tools and public datasets developed by us and others, upcoming workshops and seminars, and our contact information. 

To set-up a free consultation, please use our iLabs request services form or contact the Bioinformatics Manager Andrew Goodspeed.


Contact Information

For consultation requests, general questions, or new project requests, please use our request services form through our iLab site. Alternatively, you may email the Manager.

Andrew Goodspeed, PhD
Manager and Data Analyst
(303) 724 6582

James Costello, PhD
(303) 724 8619

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