Surgery Grand Rounds 2020-2021

Date ​Session Title ​Discussion Topics ​Speaker
7/6/2020 ​No Conference - 4th of July Observed
7/13/2020 ​No Conference, General Surgery Residency Grand Rounds
7/20/2020 Opioid Prescriptions 1) Overview of the Opioid Epidemic
2) Current Opioid Prescribing Practices within our Surgical Residency
3) Best Practices in Opioid Prescribing​
Victoria Huynh, M.D., and
Joshua Billings, M.D.​
Ultrasound Procedures ​​1) Principles
Nicole Werner, M.D.​
7/27/2020 Trauma I 1) Arterial Injuries: Use of Tourniquets, ABIs
2) Indications and Timing of Fasciotomy
3) Indication for Shunt
4) Mangled Extremity
John Eun, M.D.
Trauma II 1) Initial Assessment of the Trauma Patient
2) Airway Management
3) CXR, Pelvic X-ray, eFAST/DPL
4) C Spine Clearance
5) Indications and Use CTS
Robert McIntyre, Jr., M.D.​
8/3/2020 Trauma III 1) EDT
2) Indications for Thoracotomy
3) Operative Management of Cardiopulmonary Injuries
4) Rib Fracture Plating
Fred Pieracci, M.D.
Trauma IV 1) TBI Management Principles (AANS Guidelines)
2) Penetrating Neck Injury
4) Penetrating Chest Injury, Transmediastinal Wounds
5) Hemo-Pneumothorax VATS
Eric Campion, M.D.
8/10/2020 Trauma V 1) Penetrating Abdominal Injury GSW vs Stab Wounds (Abdominal vs Thoracoabdominal), Work up, Indications for Operation
2) Management of Colon/Rectal Injuries - When to Repair/Resect/Anastomose vs Divert
3) Retroperitoneal Hematoma
4) Diaphragm
5) Laparoscopy?
Juan-Pablo Idrovo, M.D.
Trauma VI 1) Blunt Abdominal Trauma
2) NOM Solid Organ Injuries Especially Liver and Spleen
3) Operative Management Liver Spleen
4) Intra-Abdominal Hypertension and Compartment Syndrome
5) Closing the Open Abdomen
6) Component Separation
Catherine Velopulos, M.D.
8/17/2020 Trauma VII Pelvic Fracture Hemorrhage: Management of the Unstable Patient (Binder, REBOA, Embolization, Elvic Packing, R/O other Sources) Ernest Moore, M.D.
Trauma VIII 1) Damage Control Resuscitation
2) Damage Control Surgery (When, Why, How)
3) Massive Transfusion Protocol - Indications, Ratios, TEG
4) Antifibfinolytics, TXA
5) When to Return to OR
Jonathan Meizoso, M.D.
8/24/2020 Critical Care I - Shock/Sepsis 1) 4 Types of Shock (Cardiogenic, Septic, Neurogenic, Hypovolemic)
2) Transfusion Triggers But Not Massive Transfusion Protocol
3) Sepsis Guideline, Definitions, Quality Metrics
4) Monitoring with PAC-Just Basics
Franklin Wright, M.D.
Critical Care II - Infections 1) Primarily Intra-Abdominal Infection, SIS Antibiotic Guidelines 2010
2) Soft Tissue Infection, MRSA
3) C Dif Colitis
5) VAP
Lisa Ferrigno, M.D.
8/31/2020 Critical Care III - Organ Failure I 1) Acute Respiratory Failure
2) Initial Ventilator Setting
3) Weaning
4) Multiple Organ Failure (Definition, Causes and Outcomes from MSOF)
Lauren Steward, M.D.
Critical Care IV - Nutrition 1) Parenteral, Enteral (Feed Open Abdomen)
2) Tube Complications (Tube-Feeding Types)
3) TPN and Enteral Nutrition
4) Evidence-Based Feeding Protocols (Prokinetics, Diarrhea, Probiotics)
Ryan Lawless, M.D.
9/7/2020 ​No Conference - Labor Day
9/14/2020 ​No Conference - Schultz Lectureship
9/21/2020 Critical Care V- Organ Failure II 1) Acute Respiratory Failure
2) Initial Ventilator Setting
3) Weaning
4) Multiple Organ Failure (Definition, Causes and Outcomes from MSOF)
Jamie Colman, M.D.
9/28/2020 Critical Care VI - VTE/Anticoagulation 1) VTE Prophylaxis
2) PE
4) HIT
Robert McIntyre, M.D.
10/5/2020 ​No Conference - American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting
10/12/2020 Burn and Wound Care Management I 1) Burn Care
2) Inhalation Injury, CO Poisoning
3) Wound Management
Arek Wiktor, M.D.
10/19/2020 Burn and Wound Care Management II 1) SJS/TENS
2) Chemical Injury
3) Electrical Injury
4) Friction Burns
Patrick Duffy, M.D.
10/26/2020 ​No Conference
11/2/2020 Cold Injury 1) Hypothermia
2) Frostbite
Anne Wagner, M.D.
11/9/2020 Perioperative Care I - Pain Pain Matthew Lyman, M.D.
11/16/2020 ​No Conference - Lilly Lectureship
11/23/2020 ​No Conference - Thanksgiving Week​
11/30/2020 Perioperative Care II - Fluids & Electrolytes Fluids and Electrolytes Robert McIntyre Jr., M.D.
12/7/2020 Perioperative Care III - Infection 1) Antibiotics Stop IT Trial
2) Prophylaxis
3) Mechanical Bowel Prep
4) Invasive Fungal Infection
Lisa Ferringo, M.D.
12/14/2020 Perioperative Care IV - Cardiopulmonary 1) Periop Pulmonary Risk Assessment
2) Postoperative Care
3) Cardiac Assessment
4) BB / Statins / Bridge Anticoagulation
Lauren Steward, M.D.
12/21/2020 ​No Conference - Holiday Break​
12/28/2020 ​No Conference - Holiday Break​
Date​Session Title​Discussion Topics​Speaker
1/4/2021Respectful Discourse Guidelines Bias in PresentationsCamille Stewart, M.D.
1/11/2021Professional Risk ManagementReview of Risk ManagementLindsey Rosten, R.N., B.S.N.
1/18/2021​No Conference - MLK, Jr. Day​
1/25/2021Perioperative Care V - Geriatrics 1) Cognitive, Functional & Nutritional Assessments
2) Frailty
3) Expectations of Older Patients
4) Transitions of Care
5) Advanced Directives
6) Elder Abuse
7) Impact on Abnormalities on Outcome
8) Pre-habilitation
Teresa Jones, M.D.
2/1/2021ACGME Survey PrepReview of Upcoming SurveyNicole Christian, M.D. &
Kshama Jaiswal, M.D.
2/8/2021Esophagus Benign I1) GERD
2) HH
3) Anti-reflux Surgery
4) Barrett's
5) Paraesophageal Hernia
Akshay Chauhan, M.D.
2/15/2021​No Conference - President's Day​
2/22/2021Esophagus Benign II1) Achalasia
2) Diverticulum Zenkers, Pulsion & Traction
3) Other Motility Disorder
Akshay Chauhan, M.D.
3/1/2021Hernia I1) Groin (Inguinal & Femoral)
2) Umbilical
3) Spigelian
4) Management with Ascites
Paul Montero, M.D.
3/8/2021Hernia II1) Ventral
2) Component Separation
3) Infected Mesh
Paul Montero, M.D.
3/15/2021​No Conference - Fox Visiting Professor​
3/22/2021Bowel Obstruction1) Causes of Small Bowel Obstruction (Adhesive & Non-adhesive)Laura Harmon, M.D.
3/29/2021​No Conference - Pomerantz Visiting Professor​
4/5/2021Laparoscopy Procedures1) FLS Principles
Paul Montero, M.D.
4/12/2021Upper GI Bleeding/Spleen1) Upper GI Bleeding
2) MW Tear & Gastritis
3) Ulcer Disease
4) Portal Hypertension
5) Gastric Varices
6) Splenic Vein Thrombosis
Akshay Chauhan, M.D.
4/19/2021Quality ImprovementSurgical QualityEthan Cumbler, M.D.
4/26/2021Inflammatory Bowel Disease I1) Crohn's Disease
2) Acute Ileitis
3) Stricture
4) Perforation & Fistula
5) Crohn's Colitis
Jon Vogel, M.D.
5/3/2021Inflammatory Bowel Disease II1) Ulcerative Colitis
2) Toxic Megacolon
4) Colon Cancer in CUC
Jon Vogel, M.D.
5/10/2021Colorectal1) Diverticulitis
2) Volvulus
3) Pseudo-obstruction
4) Ischemic Colitis
5) Lower GI Bleeding
Elisa Birnbaum, M.D.
5/17/2021Anorectal1) Peri-rectal Disease
2) Hemorrhoids
3) Fistulas
4) Fissures
Brandon Chapman, M.D.
5/24/2021​No Conference - Research Symposium​
5/31/2021​No Conference - Memorial Day​
6/7/2021Bariatric I1) Types of Operations
2) Indications
3) Long-term Outcomes
4) Early Complications (Leaks & Bleeding)
Kevin Rothchild, M.D.
Bariatric II​​1) Late Complications
2) Internal Hernia
3) Stricture
4) Nutritional Deficiencies
Kevin Rothchild, M.D.​
6/14/2021Hepatobiliary Procedures1) Laparoscopic & Open Bile Duct Exploration
2) Sphincterotomy Bile Duct Exploration (Lap vs Open)
3) Injury Repair
Kendra Conzen, M.D.
Hepatobiliary I​​1) Cholelithiasis
2) Choledocholithiasis
3) Bile Duct Injury
4) Cholangitis
5) Sclerosing Cholangitis
6) Solid Liver Lesions (Benign)
7) Hemangioma
Trevor Nydam, M.D.​
6/21/2021Hepatobiliary II1) Solid Liver Lesions (Management of Adenomas & Hemangiomas
2) Cystic Liver Disease
3) Liver Abscess
4) Echinoccocus Cholelithiasis, Choledocholithiasis, Cholangitis, Abscess, Echinococcus, Cysts
Carlton Barnett, M.D.
Hepatobiliary III1) ​​Pancreatitis (Acute & Chronic)
2) Pseudocysts
Carlton Barnett, M.D.
6/28/2021Colon Rectal Procedures1) Ileostomy
2) Colostomy
3) Takedown
Brandon Chapman, M.D.
Personal FinancePersonal Finance for Surgery ResidentsRobert McIntyre, Jr., M.D.​


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