2019-2020 General Surgery Core Curriculum Lectures

Date​Session Title​Discussion Topics​Speaker
7/1/2019​No Conference - 4th of July Observed
7/8/2019​General Surgery Residency Grand Rounds
7/15/2019​Thoracic I​1) Lung nodule
2) Lung cancer
3) Chest wall tumor
John Mitchell, M.D.
Thoracic II​​1) Mediastinal mass
2) Diaphragmatic hernia
John Mitchell, M.D.​
7/22/2019Thoracic III
​1) Esophageal perforation
2) Caustic injury
Christopher Scott, M.D.
Thoracic IV​
​1) Pneumothorax
2) Pleural effusion
3) Empyema
Christopher Scott, M.D.​
7/29/2019Thoracic Procedures
​1) Sternotomy
2) Anterior thoracotomy
3) Postlateral thoracotomy
4) Choice approach
6) Median​oscopy
Robert Meguid, M.D.
​Endoscopy Procedures
​1) Technique
2) GI bleeding
4) Flex sig
Edward Jones, M.D.
8/5/2019Urology I
​1) Trauma
2) Renal
3) Ureter: upper, middle, lower
4) Bladder
Ty Higuchi, M.D.
Urology II​
​1) Torsion
2) Hydrocele​
3) Boo/urinary retention
Brian Caldwell, M.D.
​1) Adnexal mass
2) Hysterectomy
3) Caesarean section
Jamie Arruda, M.D.
​Transplant I
​1) Liver
2) Preo​p evaluation
3) Operations
4) Early complications
5) Long term outcomes
Trevor Nydam, M.D.
8/19/2019Transplant II
​1) Kidney
2) Preop evaluation
3) Operations
4) Early complications
5) Long term outcomes
Trevor Nydam, M.D.
Transplant III
​1) Immunosuppression
2) Late infections
3) Rejection
4) Brain death
Trevor Nydam, M.D.​
8/26/2019Breast - Malignant Disease I
​1) Breast imaging
2) Diagnosis
3) Techniques
4) Indications for mastectomy
5) Candidacy for breast conservation surgery & skin sparing mastectomy
Sarah Tevis, M.D.
Breast - Malignant Disease II​​1) Adjuvant therapy
2) Management of metastatic breast cancer
3) prophylaxis
4) Hereditary breast cancer
5) Management before cancer develops
Sarah Tevis, M.D.​
9/2/2019No Conference - Labor Day
9/9/2019​Breast - Benign Disease
​​1) Fibrocystic mastopathy
2) Fibroadenoma
3) M​astalgia
Colleen Murphy, M.D.
9/16/2019​No Conference - Schultz Lectureship
9/23/2019Pediatric Surgery I
​1) Inguinal hernia
2) Umbilical hernia
3) Pyloric stenosis
4) Tracheal/esophageal foreign bodies
Jennifer Bruny, M.D.​
9/30/2019Pediatric Surgery II
1) Malrotation
2) Intussusception
3) Me​kel's diverticulum
Rony Marwan, M.D.
10/7/2019​No Conference - Hopeman Lectureship
10/14/2019​Pediatric Surgery III
1. Malrotation
2. Intussusception
3. M​ekel's Diverticulum
Ann Kulungowski, M.D.
10/21/2019Pediatric Surgery IV
​1. Abdominal mass
2. Wilm's tumor
3. Neuroblastoma
4. Hepatobla​stoma
​Jonathan Roach, M.D.
10/28/2019​No Conference - American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting​
11/4/2019No Conference - Surgical Oncology Lectureship​
11/11/2019Pre-Procedural Services
Angela Selzer, M.D.​
11/18/2019​No Conference - Lilly Lectureship​
11/25/2019​No Conference - Thanksgiving Week​
12/2/2019​Vascular I​1. Acute mesenteric ischemia
2. SMA embolism/thrombecto​my
3. Acute limb ischemia
​Mark Nehler, M.D.
12/9/2019​Vascular II
​​1. Diabetic foot infections
2. Dialysis access and complications
Emily Malgor, M.D.​
12/16/2019​Vascular III
​​1. Carotid disease
2. Diagnosis and use of open vs endovascular techniques
Rafael Malgor, M.D.​
12/23/2019No Conference - Holiday Break​
12/30/2019No Conference - Holiday Break​
Date​Session Title​Discussion Topics​Speaker
1/6/2020​Vascular IV
​1. Aortic aneurysm
2. Diagnosis
3. Intervention indications
4. Outcomes
Max Wohlauer, M.D.​
1/13/2020Vascular V
​​1. Chronic limb ischemia
2. Aortoiliac disease
3. Infra​inguinal disease and claudication
John Eun, M.D.
1/20/2020No Conference - MLK Day
1/27/2020Vascular VI​​1. Chronic visceral ischemia
2. Renal artery disease
Devin Zarkowsky, M.D.
2/3/2020ACGME Updates
Kshama Jaiswal, M.D. & Nicole Christian, M.D.
2/10/2020End of Life & Palliative Care Barry Platnick, M.D.
2/17/2020No Conference - President's Day
2/24/2020Vascular Procedures​​1. Exposures
2. Access
Jeniann Yi, M.D.
3/2/2020Oncology I: Esophageal & Gastric Cancer​​1. Neoadjuvant therapy
2. Types of operations
3. Adenocarcinoma vs. squamous cell cancer
Martin McCarter, M.D.
3/9/2020Oncology II: Neuroedndocrine Tumors​​1. Pancreas nuroendocrine tumors
2. Carcinoid
Carlton Barnett, M.D.
3/16/2020No Conference - Campus Closure
3/23/2020No Conference - Campus Closure
3/30/2020No Conference - Campus Closure
4/6/2020Oncology IV: Rectal​​1. Neoadjuvant
2. APR vs. LAR
3. Anal cancer
Martin McCarter, M.D.
4/13/2020Oncology V: Hepatobiliary​​1. HCC
2. Cholangiocarcinoma
3. Metastatic lesions (colon)
Ana Gleisner, M.D.
4/20/2020Oncology VI: Pancreas​​1. Adenocarcinoma
2. Whipple
3. Pancreas body & tail mass
Richard Schulick, M.D.
4/27/2020Oncology VII: Pancreas​​1. IPMN
2. Functional - neuroendocrine tumors
3. Cystic neoplasms
Marco Del Chiaro, M.D.
5/4/2020Oncology VIII: Melanoma​​1. Melanoma
2. Melanoma in childhood including moles
3. H&N melanoma
Martin McCarter, M.D.
5/11/2020Oncology IX: Cutaneous Malignancies​​1. Basal cell carcinoma
2. Squamous cell carcinoma
3. Cutaneous malignancy in immunocompromised patients
4. Spindle cell lesions
Ana Gleisner, M.D.
5/18/2020Oncology X: Sarcoma​​1. Sarcoma
2. Retroperitoneal
3. Extremity
Ana Gleisner, M.D.
5/25/2020No Conference - Memorial Day
6/1/2020No Conference - SCC bootcamps
6/8/2020No Conference - SCC bootcamps
6/15/2020No Conference - SCC bootcamps
6/22/2020Oncology III - Colon​​1. Screening
2. Genetics
3. Treatment
4. Adenocarcinoma
5. Management of Polyps
Steven Ahrendt, M.D.
RAS Engagement​​1. Develop Future Leaders in Surgery
2. Programming to meet the needs of trainees
Julia Coleman, M.D.
6/29/2020CANCELLED: Education Townhall


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