Post-Acute Care Research and Team Science (PACRATS)


​​PACRATS is a multidisciplinary group of investigators at the University of Colorado. Our goal is to improve the approach researchers take within the post-acute care community by:

  • Emphasizing the role of community engagement,
  • Standardizing study designs that adhere to regulatory requirements in our complex health care environment, and
  • Developing research best practices for older, and often vulnerable, patient populations.

Our group includes researchers from the School of Medicine, the Division of Health Care Policy and Research, the Department of Medicine, College of Nursing, the PACE program and community providers. Pre-and post-doctoral trainees are also involved. 

During our monthly meetings, we collaborate with community-based providers and members of the post-acute care community to discuss ways of improving care.

Research Areas

Our researchers are currently working to improve post-acute and long-term care in the following areas:

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