Prevention Research Center - Program Augmentations

Replication Research and New Preventive Intervention Research

The PRC continues to strengthen the NFP model in community practice through the following initiatives, identified and prioritized based on feedback from nurses in the field:

Current Research AgendaGoals
Client Engagement & RetentionTo enhance strategies for stronger client engagement, greater participation and dose of the intervention (i.e., graduation).
*Intimate Partner Violence

To develop stronger protocols and intervention strategies for women in persistent danger of victimization from interpersonal violence.

Parenting: Newborns & InfantsTo develop tools to enhance assessments and interventions targeted at strengthening competent parenting.
Group-based CareTo develop a new model of group based care addressing the medical and psychosocial needs of pregnant women as well as their children and families.
Risk ClassificationTo develop a framework for nurses and supervisors to classify risk status and strengths of families served to help guide program delivery.
*Hormonal Contraception StudyTo develop and study an intervention that increases the impact NFP has on conception rates during the first two years postpartum by having NFP nurses provide hormonal contraception to clients during home visits.
*Mental HealthTo expand mental health screening and strengthen nurse intervention strategies for clients with depression and anxiety.

*Research conducted with collaborators.

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