Prevention Research Center - Research

The PRC is currently conducting follow-up studies of participants in three randomized controlled trials of a program of prenatal and infancy home visitation by nurses known as the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP).

We also are beginning a series of new trials that will test augmentations of the NFP as it is being replicated in hundreds of communities across the nation.

A growing focus of the PRC involves international work. In 2004, the PRC began responding to inquiries from researchers and/or government health agencies abroad that were interested in possibly developing the Nurse-Family Partnership program in their country. This work involves helping international partners adapt and test the NFP in other societies.

Finally, we have begun a new program of research focused on adapting the NFP program content and methods for group-based prenatal and well-child care. This work is being carried out in its first phases in collaboration with investigators and staff who conduct the Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program.

Dr. Nancy Donelan-McCall’s interests include the development and testing of assessment measures and intervention methods designed to promote competent parenting for at-risk parents and caregivers of young children. She is also interested in the identification or risk and protective factors that relate to competent parenting and child outcomes.

Dr. David Olds is interested in developing and testing interventions designed to improve maternal and child health early in the lives of children.