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Patient Testimonials

Five Star Rating
Felt very comfortable with the knowledge and level of care provided.


Everyone was great!


I was very impressed with the provider and the entire office. I left there and went back to my office and talk to which I work in a dental office. And I told everybody, if anybody ever needs a great orthopedic surgeon. They need to go to this person. She is excellent. So I'm just so pleased with what I, I with the appointment there, but thank you so much. I really appreciate all the care that I was given.




Is personable and explained everything I needed to know to make a decision.


I appreciate the care and professional expertise.


I went in for a Broken bone it the fibula was never addressed. I was given a heavy walking boot I could not wear. I don't feel I was taken care of I was confused and distraught when I left. One dr wanted to move my foot around until it hurt to see if I needed surgery. The other dr tool x rays of my foot and never showed them to me nor did she discuss the X-ray of my Broken bone!


I was impressed with both doctors with whom I spoke. They gave me a printout of suggestions/exercises that have helped a lot with my recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend them.


Chiquita was very nice taking my initial info. The X-ray tech very professional and nice, the first Dr. (not sure of his name) was excellent and I appreciated his knowledge. Dr. [Grimsrud] was very nice, professional and we discussed options for my foot. I really feel I was heard and also in the presence of Dr. that really skilled.


Excellent doctor


Dr Grimsrud is great. No issues


I was very impressed with her level of expertise and her concern.


The "BEST"


Dr Grimsrud helped me in the exact way I'd hoped for. I appreciate her support.


From entry to exit of my appt -the staff was top notch!


Dr. Grimsrud is a good listener, has good eye contact (since that's all we can see these days!), she is very present in the moment, covers all of the pertinent diagnostic information, and the follow-up treatment plan. Her assisting doctors/nurses are just as attentive and understanding, making the overall experience one of excellence.


Dr. Grimsrud is an 11/10! She is a phenomenal doc, listens empathically, is efficient, and is so helpful. It's also really nice as a woman to ''see myself" in my orthopedic surgeon. I had an ankle operation with her and she has provided excellent follow up as well as going above and beyond to connect me with other providers as needed. She is a surgeon who also enjoys talking to patients--not every surgeon has this skill. It's always such a pleasure to see her, and the people in the office including the PA who works with her, Sara Skluzacek!


Absolutely 2nd to none. The best of the best.


Very attentive to my needs and listens to my feedback.


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