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AAMC Appropriate Treatment of Research Trainees 
AAMC Compact between Graduate Students and their Research Advisors 
Academic Calendars* 
Academic Catalog* 
Career Development Office*The mission of the CDO is to help CU Anschutz research graduate students and postdoctoral fellows acquire the non-science skills and experiences they need to successfully transition in their careers, both inside and outside of academia. The CDO strives to supplement the world-class research training at our institution with world-class "non-bench" training, making our alumni highly sought after employees in a myriad of professions.
Financial Aid* 
Guide to Financial Aid for Graduate Students 
Graduate School* 
Graduate Faculty Appointments*Faculty must have a GFA in order to mentor students, teach courses, or sit on student committees. To add a GFA contact or your Program Administrator
International Student & Scholar Services*
ISSS provides immigration and advising services for F-1 or J-1 student visas, J-1 exchange scholar visas, H-1B temporary worker visas, lawful permanent resident visas, and LPR-employment-based visas.
MaxientThe ORE Maxient Form is for students, faculty, and staff to share any concern or report any type of issue or concern about oneself or others. Once submitted, the form will be routed to the corresponding Program Director and Program Administrator for follow up. If an individual prefers NOT to notify the program, they may select "ORE" from the Program list and the form will instead be routed to the ORE Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
Office of Disability and Inclusion*

The ODAI recognizes, welcomes, and celebrates disability as an integral part of a diverse health professions campus and workforce.  To facilitate inclusion, ODAI partners with students and programs to identify opportunities to create and promote meaningful access.


The Ombuds Office acts as a no-barrier, first-stop for students, faculty and staff seeking guidance, information and insight from a trusted advisor who is:

  • CONFIDENTIAL  We will protect your identity and the information you share and are not compelled to share details of any conversation with the University.  Our only exception is imminent harm to self or to others.
  • INDEPENDENT  We are not affiliated with any other office or department at the University, but exist to present solutions and guidance that is independent of external and internal forces.
  • IMPARTIAL  We do not take sides, but work to address issues in a way that allows everyone involved in a dispute to be treated fairly and in good faith.
  • INFORMAL  Visiting us doesn't trigger a formal course of action often typical of HR or legal processes.  Engaging an Ombuds is always "off the record".
  • VOLUNTARY  No one can be prohibited from visiting the Ombuds Office, nor can anyone be compelled to use our services. 
Parking Office*Parking on the Anschutz Medical Campus requires a parking pass or daily payment
Registrar*The Registrar Office manages student enrollment, course registration, and residency concerns
Registrar Resources Page* 
School of Medicine*The ORE falls under the umbrella of the School of Medicine
Student Affairs* 
Student Health Insurance*All students are required to maintain health insurance while at AMC. Health insurance is automatically provided to predoctoral students unless explicitly waived.
Tuition and Fees* 



Student Progression
Application for Admission to Candidacy*This form should be submitted at the same time as your comprehensive Exam Request Form. This form is fillable a Adobe PDF®, which requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Save the form and open it manually (not in a browser).
Exam Request Form*Use this form when scheduling a comprehensive exam or dissertation defense. This form is fillable a Adobe PDF®, which requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro. Save the form and open it manually (not in a browser).
Fourth Rotation Request 
ORE Grading of 8990 Thesis Research FormEffective Fall Semester 2024, 8990 courses will assign a letter grade each semester that thesis research is performed. A letter grade allows clear feedback in realtime about whether progress has been satisfactory and supports successful completion of PhD training.
Predoc Financial Support AgreementFaculty mentors who choose to take on a new predoctoral mentee need to fill out this financial support agreement. 
Predoc Financial Support Agreement for Co-MentorsFaculty mentors who choose to take on a new predoctoral mentee need to fill out this financial support agreement. 
Seminar Flyer Request*coming soon*
Course Management
Course Offering Request FormThis form is required EACH semester for all courses taught in person or online. Course Directors must fill in the form which will route directly to the appropriate PA who can make sure the offering is correctly set up for students to register, lists the correct instructors, and is properly configured for course evaluations. This will also allow us to systematically collect the syllabi so we can stay in compliance with our accreditation.
New Instructor/Advisor Request Form*coming soon*
New Course Proposal Form*To propose, or alter the underlying structure, of a course, use this form out of the Registrar Office
Achievement Plus (A+) and Hirs Nomination Instructions 2024 Instructions for submitting nominations for A+ and Hirs offers.
Deferred AdmissionsIf a PhD program supports the deferral of an accepted student, the Program will notify ORE and instruct the student to complete and submit the ORE Admission Deferral Request Form, in order for ORE to review the student’s request.
Slot Allocation
Student Badging RequestRequest a new or updated badge. Mandatory for new ORE students.
Transition to Graduate School NominationsAdmissions Committees use this form to nominate applicants to the Transition to Graduate School program
Employee/Student Reimbursement Request 
Non-Employee Reimbursement Request 
Scholarship and Student Award Distribution Request 
Student Emergency Relief Request 


Handbooks and Websites

ORE HandbookThe ORE Handbook is the guiding handbook for all ORE programs. Program policies can be more stringent than the ORE Handbook, but not less
Current Program Handbooks and Websites
Biomedical ScienceHandbook
Program Website
Cancer BiologyHandbook
Program Website
Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and DevelopmentHandbook
Program Website
Computational BioscienceHandbook
Program Website
Human Medical Genetics and GenomicsHandbook
Program Website
Program Website
Integrated PhysiologyHandbook
Program Website
Program Website
Molecular BiologyHandbook
Program Website
Program Website
Program Website
Rehabilitation ScienceHandbook
Program Website
Structural Biology and BiochemistryHandbook
Program Website


Policies and Procedures

Direct AdmitsFaculty members who would like to take a predoctoral student directly into their lab without the student participating in research rotations must follow ORE policy
Deferred Admissions PolicyAn offer of admission to a PhD Program of the ORE is for entry in the upcoming Fall semester. Upon receiving an offer of admission, some students may have special circumstances that lead them to consider deferring matriculation.
Student Criminal and Disciplinary History Procedures 
Student Progression
Changing Mentors
Changing mentors is discouraged as it can be detrimental to the education of the student and the cohesiveness of the lab. In cases where it is necessary, these changes must conform to ORE policy
Fourth Rotations
Predoctoral students who are unable to secure a research lab position after three rotations may be eligible for a fourth rotation
Graduate Student External EmploymentPredoctoral students in the ORE may maintain external employment provided it meets ORE policy
PhD Mentors Leaving the Institution
Faculty mentoring predoctoral students who retire or leave the university for other reasons have responsibilities to the students and to the ORE
Remote Learning
Courses may only be run virtually if they meet specific requirements
Tuition and Fee Waivers 
Conflict of Interest and Undue Influence for Thesis Committees

Faculty members of a thesis committee must be without any conflicts of interests or other bias that would interfere in providing assessment, candid feedback and advice about the student’s progress, and to act in the best interest of the student’s PhD training.

CU Inclusive Syllabus TemplateThe Anschutz Campus drafted an inclusive syllabus and ORE is strongly encouraging its use.
Graduate School Policies*ORE programs are subject to the policies of the Graduate School as well as the Office of Research Education. Additional Graduate School resources can be found here
Graduate School Policies (ORE Relevant Excerpts)These are the sections of the Graduate School policies and procedures that are most relevant to students and faculty in the Office of Research Education. Please note, students still have to adhere to the full set of Graduate School policies and procedures. 
Grading of 8990 Thesis Research Courses8990 courses will receive a letter grade in each semester (starting Fall 2024).
ORE Procedure for Requesting a Personal Leave of Absence 
ORE Personal Leave of Absence FormThe ORE Personal Leave of Absence Form should be routed via Docusign. There is a Docusign template set up for Program Administrators to access.
ORE Policies and Procedures 
ORE Policy-Student Support Post-DefenseAs students approach their defense it is important to discuss the logistics of that transition with their PI. Specifically, after the student has defended and met all the conditions to be awarded their PhD, it should be agreed when they will leave the lab and their appointment and stipend etc. be terminated. Continued funding of a student after a successful defense is at the discretion of the PI and dependent on available funds.
ORE Process for Requesting a Medical Leave of AbsencePhD students may experience medical and/or psychological conditions that significantly impair their ability to perform their laboratory work, attend classes or fulfill Program requirements as per the Program Handbook. Such situations may require a student to take time away (MLOA) from their PhD studies to allow them to focus on their heath and wellbeing.
ORE Rotation GuidelinesThis document is a general overview of the process for students transitioning to their thesis lab.
School of Medicine Policies*ORE programs are subject to the policies of the Medical School as well as the Office of Research Education.
Student Emergency Aid FundThe ORE Student Relief Fund is intended to help meet the financial needs of Basic Science graduate students who encounter an emergency situation resulting in unforeseen expenses during their degree program. This is only for students in the ORE.
* - Indicates a resource that is not managed by the Office of Research Education. In case of a broken link, please notify us at
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