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The NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at CU-Anschutz is a partnership between the University of Colorado School of Medicine and member Departments with significant interests in neuroscience research. The missions of the NTC are: 1) To manage and further develop cutting-edge core facilities and services that support neuroscience research and 2) To partner with member Departments to recruit new faculty whose research is focused on developing, adapting, or implementing novel technologies to study nervous system function (both basic and translational). The overarching idea behind the NTC is that novel technologies have revolutionized how we study the nervous system, all the way from the molecular to the in vivo/systems level, and our core facilities and faculty should be at the cutting-edge of developing and implement novel technologies to advance our understanding of the nervous system and to develop new treatments for nervous system disorders.

NTC Membership

NTC membership is defined at the Department level, with Departments joining the NTC by participating in joint recruitment of neurotechnology-focused faculty with the NTC. These NTC recruitments are envisioned as collaborative, interdisciplinary, and possibly interdepartmental; allowing recruitment of neurotechnology-focused researchers across disciplines. In return, researchers in NTC member Departments are eligible for discounted user fees for the NTC cores. Current NTC member Departments span multiple basic science and clinical disciplines.

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Mark Dell'Acqua

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Dr. Mark Dell’Acqua, PhD, Professor and Vice-Chair of Pharmacology

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Paula Robinson