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The mission of the Optogenetics and Neural Engineering (ONE) Core is to provide custom engineering support to the neuroscience community at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Our projects website provides more information on the ONE Core. It also includes a variety of open source projects, with detailed instructions and shared code and files. Additionally, the resources section of this web site is a great introduction to Optogenetics and Neuroscience.


We hope to make engineering resources more accessible to novice users on campus via the following services:

1) Design and fabrication of light sources and delivery devices for in vivo/vitro optical stimulation.

2) Consultation on adopting/optimizing the use of optogenetic methods.

3) Design and production of custom hardware and software components.

4) Supply/rent equipment to assist optogenetic experimentation.

5) Data analysis methods.

6) General engineering support for research, including 3D printing services.


Additional services may be added based on the needs of the user community. Services may also be available to researchers beyond the Anschutz Medical Campus, depending on time and resources.


Contact the Optogenetics and Neural Engineering Core via email with any questions, comments, or requests for quotes.


Core Director

Gidon Felsen


Core Manager

Andrew Scallon

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