Welcome to the Neuromuscular Pathology Lab at the University of Colorado | Anschutz Medical Campus


As of Monday, March 16, the University of Colorado has closed most academic buildings on the Anschutz Medical Campus which has changed our specimen delivery process.

The Neuromuscular Pathology Lab is still accepting specimens for analysis.

When sending a muscle or nerve biopsy specimen to the Neuromuscular Pathology Lab, please call ahead at 303-724-2188 to coordinate delivery. Please deliver specimens as soon as possible following the biopsy to:

University of Colorado Hospital - Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion

Surgical Pathology - Gross Room Drop-off

(Attn: Neuromuscular Path Lab)

12605 E 16th Avenue

3rd Floor, Window 3.124

Aurora, Colorado 80045



1. PLEASE CALL AHEAD AND CHECK THE WEBSITE FOR AVAILABILITY DURING THE HOLIDAYS. Our lab operates on the University of Colorado Anschutz holiday schedule. Please notify the Neuromuscular Pathology Office ON THE DAY you plan to send a biopsy and let us know when to expect the specimen. We are available to receive specimens between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday thru Friday. Please notify one of the following lab members:

          a. Jacob Bockhorst, Neuromuscular Administrative Assistant:

                    i. Phone: 303-724-2188

          b. Wanida Stevens, Professional Research Assistant and Histology Technician:

                    i. Phone: 303-724-4342

          c. Neuromuscular Fellow:

                    i. Pager: 303-266-5268

2. Deliver the specimen as soon as possible following the biopsy to:

          Neuromuscular Pathology Office

          Academic Office 1, Room 5113C

          12631 East 17th Ave. Aurora, CO 80045

          Please include our telephone number on the package: (303) 724-2188, and the words: Attention: Jacob Bockhorst

          Parking and Office Location NM

3. Please fill out the Neuromuscular Pathology Lab Specimen Form; including a clinical question and clinical summary, information about history and exam, and electrophysiological and laboratory evaluations to help us more fully evaluate the patient's tissue.

4. Indicate who should receive the final report (referring physician, hospital, pathologist) along with a mailing address and telephone number. The full battery of tests takes 1 week to complete.

5. University Hospital's policy is to bill the sending hospital. We will not bill patient's insurance.


If you are delivering a biopsy after 4:30pm OR on a day when our office is closed, please deliver to UCHealth Pathology in the Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion. Take elevator D to the 3rd floor, turn right out of the elevators, and continue down the hallway to window 3.124 "Gross Room drop-off." UCHealth Pathology will contact our office for pick up. Otherwise, wrap the specimen in moist saline gauze, place in a refrigerator, and send by STAT currier on the next day of business.