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Our scientists are highly qualified with strong academic track records and extensive industry experience, facilitate innovative projects and strategize developments that are far beyond the capabilities of most established commercial research organizations.

Jelena Klawitter

Jelena Klawitter PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Jelena Klawitter joined iC42 in 2003 and holds the position of Assistant Professor.  Dr. Klawitter is a chemist trained at the Universität Bremen, from where she also received a PhD in analytical chemistry and biochemistry. She has extensively utilized a combination of proteomics and metabolomics strategies for the discovery of molecular mechanisms underlying drug toxicity, cancerogenicity, the anti-cancer effects of drugs and  drug resistance, as well as for the discovery and development of biomarkers as clinical diagnostic tools for individualized and predictive medicine. 

Currently, one of Dr. Klawitter’s main research goals is to deconvolute the complex interactions of genetics, diseases, environmental effects and immunosuppressant drug treatment on the development of endothelial dysfunction and resulting organ failure.  In addition, Dr. Klawitter is an expert in regulatory compliance and has received her Master of Research Quality Assurance (MRQA) by the British Association for Research Quality Assurance. She currently serves as our laboratory Quality Assurance Officer.

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