Katherine Mulready

Myra L. Muramoto, MD, MPH

Woodward-Chisholm Professor and Chair, University of Colorado Department of Family Medicine

I’ve done a lot of different things in my career, but at heart I am a family physician. I began my medical career as a full-spectrum family physician but over the years I was trained in addiction medicine, integrative medicine, and obesity medicine. I have had the privilege of working in several countries around the world: Egypt, Mexico, Lesotho, Romania, India, Indonesia, and Nepal, which opened my eyes to the power of public health to improve the health of communities and populations. So, when I returned from Lesotho, I got an MPH. Most of my research has focused on tobacco cessation and I have conducted studies in a wide range of settings and on vulnerable populations, including Latin, American Indian, rural African American, adolescent, low-income pregnant women and families, and medically compromised smokers in developing countries. I am a child of the desert but I love the mountains.


Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Health Sciences Building

1890 N Revere Ct

Suite 4141

Box L603

Aurora, CO 80045



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