Jack Wesfall

Daniel Dawes, JD

Executive Director
Satcher Health Leadership Institute,
Morehouse School of Medicine

Professor Dawes is an author, scholar, educator, and leader in the health equity, health reform, and mental health movements. He is a professor of health law, policy and management; and is the co-founder of the Health Equity Leadership and Exchange Network, a network of more than 2,000 governmental and non-governmental leaders and scholars focused on leadership and the exchange of research, information, and solutions to advance evidence-based health equity-focused policies and programs. Professor Dawes’ research interests include the drivers of health inequities among under-resourced, vulnerable, and marginalized communities, and he pioneered a new approach to examining inequities, the political determinants of health. He brings an inclusive and a multidisciplinary approach to health policy, authoring two groundbreaking books, 150 Years of ObamaCare and The Political Determinants of Health.