Research and develop evidence to inform equitable policies. 

Our team has expertise in:  

  • Qualitative analysis, including analysis of focus groups and key informant interviews  
  • Quantitative analysis, including analysis of large secondary data sets and claims 
  • Mixed methods research  
  • Rapid literature reviews  




Translate evidence to advance integrated strategies that improve health and wellbeing. 

We synthesize evidence to suggest policy levers in a variety of products including:  

  • Policy and issue briefs 
  • One-pagers  
  • Blogs and commentaries 
  • Videos and other non-traditional story-telling avenues  




Educate and mentor professionals to develop a health policy lens for approaching research and practice.

Our team has included:

  • Fellows for a year-long experience after their medical residency
  • Psychology graduate students for a year-long internship
  • Residents for a month-long rotation on a targeted area of interest
  • Medical students for a mentored scholarly activity
  • Public health students for a longitudinal practicum
  • Undergraduate students for a summer or academic year internship




Convene stakeholders and decision-makers to improve health and healthcare together. 

Our team has expertise in facilitation and coordination of multi-stakeholder groups. We lead convenings by:

  • Ensuring adequate preparation prior to meetings, including pre-convening stakeholder engagement, surveys, and collation of materials  
  • Presenting relevant evidence 
  • Guiding discussion to actionable steps 
  • Developing reports and other deliverables to reflect the conclusions of the work 




Implement strategies and aid with integrating care across systems that impact health.

We advise and support decision-making by:

  • Providing technical, adaptative, and leadership assistance to state agencies and community organizations 
  • Articulating key problem(s) to focus solving and response 
  • Identifying and collecting information and data that confirms, illustrates, illuminates, or clarifies the problem(s) and points to potential policy solutions 
  • Developing a narrative that stakeholders readily understand and relate to using a problem statement and relevant information that provides direction and focus 
  • Formulating action-oriented recommendations and messaging grounded in the narrative, tailored to audiences and opportunities, and using engaging products and modalities 
  • Creating work plans with partners to purposefully and confidently advance policy  

Eugene S. Farley, Jr. Health Policy Center

CU Anschutz

Anschutz Health Sciences Building

1890 N Revere Ct

Suite 4141

Box L603

Aurora, CO 80045


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