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Health Policy Journal Club, March 2024

The Health of Primary Care

  1. Rabson BG, Ross J, Bitton A, Koller CF, Kim J. Measuring the health of primary care: lessons from US and global scorecards. February 6, 2024. Health Affairs Forefront.  
  2. Jabbarpour Y, Jetty A, Byun H, Siddiqi A, Petterson S, Park J. The Health of US Primary Care: 2024 Scorecard Report - No One Can See You Now. The Milbank Memorial Fund and the Physicians Foundation. February 28, 2024.
    1. Webinar overview of the scorecard: The 2024 Primary Care Scorecard Webinar. February 27, 2024. 
  3. How Primary Care Improves Health Care Efficiency. United States Senate Committee Hearing on the Budget. March 6, 2024.


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