Alpine (Post Clerkship - classroom, advanced clinicals, preparation for residency)

Advance Sciences Course Weekly Schedule
After the core clerkships, students return to the clinics for an advanced investigation into the fields of Cardiology, Neurology, Immunology and Global Health & Underserved Populations. The students receive in-depth clinical experiences coordinated with didactic small group learning, again leveraging the expertise of CSU faculty.  After studying the foundations of clinical medicine, students have the opportunity to investigate the social determinants of health, structural racism, and the environment when considering barriers to treatment and appropriate medical care. At FCB we integrate these concepts throughout the curriculum in order to allow students to reevaluate at each stage of learning clinical medicine, in a supported and reflective space.
Marta Rowh, MD, PhD, MPH
Advanced Sciences Course Director
Clinical Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Integrated Advanced Sciences

Students spend fourteen weeks in an Integrated Advanced Sciences Courses curriculum during their third year.  At the Fort Collins Branch, basic science faculty from CSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences will collaborate with clinical faculty in the Northern Colorado medical community to teach cardiovascular connections, global health and underserved populations, advanced immunology and immunotherapeutics, and advanced neurosciences. Students will engage in authentic clinical experiences, utilize science concepts to advance the care for patients, and explore health and society concepts in the context of clinical patients.  

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