Fort Collins students will experience the same innovative Trek Curriculum as their classmates at the Anschutz Campus. However, because of the small class size and extended involvement of a core group of Colorado State faculty, we can provide a tailored and interactive approach to learning throughout the Plains year.

Greg Amberg, PharmD
Plains & Basic Sciences Curriculum Director

Plains (first year)

Plains Year Weekly Schedule

Plains Year Electives

Foothills (second year - clinical)


One of the great joys of the Fort Collins Longitudinal Clerkship (LIC) is watching the transformation that occurs from student to student-doctor. This is key step in the process of the development of professional identity, which is made possible by the revolutionary curriculum laid out by Anschutz Campus. Building on the experience the Plains year, our voluntary clinical faculty are committed to the careful execution of this curriculum with a student specific approach. Allowing students to reach their maximum potential in their clinical experience.

Amy Reppert, MD, FACS
LIC Director

Alpine (third and fourth year - classroom, advanced clinicals, preparation for residency)

After the core clerkships, students return to the clinics for an advanced investigation into the fields of Cardiology, Neurology, Immunology and Global Health & Underserved Populations. The students receive in-depth clinical experiences coordinated with didactic small group learning, again leveraging the expertise of CSU faculty.  After studying the foundations of clinical medicine, students have the opportunity to investigate the social determinants of health, structural racism, and the environment when considering barriers to treatment and appropriate medical care. At FCB we integrate these concepts throughout the curriculum in order to allow students to reevaluate at each stage of learning clinical medicine, in a supported and reflective space.

Marta Rowh, MD, PhD, MPH
Advanced Sciences Course Director
Clinical Instructor, Department of Emergency Medicine

One Health

Here at the FCB we bring a focus to One Health-- the concept that health goes beyond humans but also incorporates animals, plants, and the environment. Our One Health content encompasses a wide range of opportunities for students to engage in research, advocacy, professional development, and collaborations with interdisciplinary groups across our campus. Our goal is to equip the next generation of physician leaders with the skills necessary to collaboratively solve complex societal problems including climate change, toxic waste, water pollution, food safety and security, and more.

Anuja Riles, MD, MEd
One Health Director
Health & Society Lead
Compass Guide


Curiosity is one of the centerpieces of our curriculum – and research experiences are a way to formalize that curiosity and explore the cutting edges of medical science.  FCB  - with Colorado State University, a major branch of the Centers for Disease Control, and the rest of the Northern Colorado biomedical community  - comprises an impressive hub of state-of-the-art research.  Opportunities abound in key areas such as infectious diseases, cancer, orthopedics, aging, environmental medicine, diagnostics, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, cardiology, metabolic diseases and more.  Our goal is to provide the connections and quality scholarly experiences for you to address key knowledge gaps in the field and help make a difference in the translational medicine arena.

Drs. DeGroote, Gries, and Wilusz