Women Leadership Training (WLT)

Women in Medicine and Science

This is a validated program originally developed by Dr. Regensteiner (as her Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine institutional action project) with help from expert physician educator colleagues and initiated in 2013 to answer the need for leadership training for junior women faculty in the CU School of Medicine. The yearlong course is co-taught by 7 faculty teachers as well as other one time lecturers. It begins with two full day sessions in the fall (referred to as Session 1), and three additional half-day afternoon sessions (sessions 2 through 4) which take place throughout the year.  Participation is open only to regular-series Assistant Professors with primary appointments in the CU School of Medicine.  Enrollment has increased substantially every year to date and is now capped at 50 per year. Evaluations are excellent for this course and demand is high.  Subject matter includes topics focused on academics and career development.  Many (although not all) of the topics have particular relevance for women faculty. Topics include negotiation, conflict resolution, resilience, CV review, how to prepare for and benefit from meetings, sex differences in leadership styles, preparing for emotions, MBTI and Emotional Intelligence among others.  In addition, Lilly Marks speaks on Financial Management of a Medical Center and Dean Reilly provides a talk on becoming a leader and best attributes for leaders.

Contact Judy Sherman: 303-724-5375

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