Women in Medicine and Science

One on one discussions with faculty members about career development.
Dr. Regensteiner and other members of the WIMS Committee meet with women faculty from departments across the SOM to discuss career development issues. 

Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Fellowship (ELAM) selection
CU’s candidate is selected by a Peer Review panel composed of the CU ELUMs (alumnae of the program), and approved by the SOM Dean.  The CU ELUMs then provide guidance to the candidate as she works on her application packet.

Professional Leadership Awards (PLAs)
These is support to attend the AAMC Early Career Seminar, AAMC Mid-career Seminar, and the AAMC Minority Faculty Career Development Seminar.  There are two awards of $2,500 each for the early career seminar, two awards of $2,500 each for the mid-career seminar, and one of $3,000 for the minority seminar.  These awardees are chosen through a Peer Review Process in all cases by the WIMS committee.  Please note that the AAMC accepts only two applicants from each institution for each seminar so just increasing nominations would not serve the faculty.

Support from the WIMS office is given for the following events:

  • WIMSnet: All are invited to discussion sessions which take place monthly and are run by Emmy Betz, MD and Anne Libby, PhD.  Topics range from mentorship to academic strengths and pitfalls to managing an academic career and a family.
  • Women’s Health Research Day (WHRD): Annual day sponsored by the Center for Women’s Health Research with support from WIMS.  The CWHR supports bringing an internationally known speaker in women’s health/sex differences. The speaker meets with junior and senior faculty throughout the day.  After a keynote address, the speaker attends a poster show at which all faculty from SOM may present their women’s health or sex differences data.
  • In partnership with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion- with Dr. Shanta Zimmer and the Center for Women’s Health Research, quarterly events for Full and Associate women Professors. These networking and moderated discussion sessions have included a discussion of leadership by all of the women department chairs as well as a discussion of MeToo and a presentation from the Office of Professional Excellence. 
  • Sponsorship and leadership in presenting talks by eminent women faculty from inside and outside the institution.  Most recently, Lilly Marks gave a talk on Pearls of Wisdom.  WIMS co-sponsored this event with the DOM’s PAGE program.
  •  AAMC/ELAM Annual Meeting Attendance for the WIMS Director 
  • CU Women Succeeding Professional Development Symposium. Support is given for the Elizabeth Gee award and for the annual career development symposium held on this day early in the New Year.  This University-wide activity takes place annually. 
  • Dean’s Distinguished Seminar Series (DDSS) – luncheons for WIMS selected with women guest speakers. 
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