David Calabrese, BS


Sr. Professional Research Assistant, CUIJBP Senior Lab Lead

David Calabrese has over 30 years of professional experience in molecular and cellular biological techniques including PBMC blood extraction for genomic and proteomic study of complex biological pathways. His guiding principle objectives are to contribute to a progressive research environment by applying innovative techniques and diverse thinking to molecular biological, cellular biological, and clinical biological investigations.

Andrew Clauw, BS 


Professional Research Assistant, CUIJBP

Andrew Clauw is a professional research assistant with several years of experience managing large human subject trials for chronic pain populations, to include inflammatory arthritis and osteoarthritis.  He is interested in supporting research to improve our knowledge of these diseases so that we may better and earlier identify people at risk and provide more informed patient-centric treatments.

Terrin Manes, BS


Sr. Professional Research Assistant
Director, Skeletal Tissue and Molecular Imaging Core Service, CUIJBP

Terrin Manes is the Director of the Skeletal Tissue and Molecular Imaging Core Service in the Department of Orthopedics and is actively involved in the development of the CUIJBP Biorepository. Her histological experiences include specimen processing and sectioning, routine and specialized tissue staining as well as mentorship in molecular tissue processes in both murine and human systems. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver and enjoys bringing a creative perspective to her work.