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The Research Outcomes in Children’s Surgery (ROCS) Team, provides a central infrastructure to support outcomes research across the Center for Children’s Surgery in the following domains; research development, study coordination, data collection and analysis, and research education. Please see below for more information on how to submit a request for service.


Services Offered



*Note, if units have research coordinators, ROCS is happy to help train in these areas and provide reference materials as needed.  Normally, these duties would fall to a research coordinator in the Division/Dept. ROCS does have one coordinator that can assist with short-term projects when a Division/Dept coordinator is not available. Requests will be approved and assigned on a rolling basis.


Our Team

The ROCS team is lead by Jill Kaar, PhD, Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Director of Surgical Outcomes Research, and is overseen by Sandra Talley, Director of Finance and Administration for the CCS.

Our team members have expertise in research study start up and coordination, program planning, design and evaluation as well as biostatistical analysis.

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If you are interested in using national databases or you would like to discuss research ideas to use national databases, submit a ROCS intake form or email

Acknowledgement Language

If our services were utilized for your work, please include our logo in presentations and posters. Find a research poster PowerPoint template here, and institutional logos for CU and Children's Hospital Colorado.

When a manuscript is ready to be published, please reference ROCS in the acknowledgement section with the language below: 

Support was provided by the Children's Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Anschutz, Research Outcomes for Children's Surgery

Request Services



Services are available only to those faculty members within CCS member Departments/Divisions. To request ROCS support, please submit an intake form.

Please contact Research Coordinator Samantha Wilson at
 with any questions.


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