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About Us

The Medical Media Team, part of the Center for Children’s Surgery (CCS), creates informative, educational, and innovative visuals for use in clinical and marketing settings. The team is made up of highly specialized, tech-savvy creatives who have been trained in the health sciences. Services are available to the departments/divisions within the CCS only. Please see below for more information on how to contact us.

What We Do

The Medical Media team creates content to help others better understand medical procedures and conditions. Primarily, they develop sophisticated medical animations and illustrations showing how medical therapies work, providing visual guidance for patients. They also create graphics for journal articles and lectures, content that is meant to be shared with physicians and other healthcare professionals. The team is always exploring effective and innovative ways of educating others. Beyond illustration and animation work, the team is also developing capabilities in 3D printing, interactive 3D models, and Virtual Reality.

To learn more, view our medical animations on the CHCO YouTube page.

Current CCS faculty and staff, access our video library here.

Why It Works

Even during the most routine hospital visit, both patients and providers can experience barriers to effective communication. Our team strives to enhance the patient experience by creating aids that help explain complex scientific subject matter with easy-to-understand diagrams and visuals.

Our Team


Kristina DeRycke, MS 
Medical Media Program Manager

Education – Augustana College, University of Illinois at Chicago

Specialties – Studio management and strategy, medical animation/illustration


Nathan Billington, BA, BFA
Medical Illustrator and Animator

Education – University of Colorado Boulder, Animation Mentor 

Specialties – Medical animation/illustration, surgeon-to-surgeon training videos

Berrien Chidsey

Berrien Chidsey, MS, CMI 
Medical Illustrator and Animator

Education – University of South Carolina, Medical College of Georgia

Specialties – Medical animation/illustration, custom 3D prints


Jodi Slade, MA, CMI 
Medical Illustrator and Animator

Education – Florida State University, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Specialties – Medical animation/illustration, interactive media development for Virtual Reality and gaming

Request Services

Services are available only to those Departments/Divisions within the CCS.  Though the production schedule is set every year by the Surgeon-In-Chief, the team occasionally can accept additional projects. If you are a member of the CCS, click here to submit a project request.

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